Thanks for the Push! Really…Thanks.

RunningShoeCircleToday is Track Tuesday!  Sometimes that’s a good thing, sometimes not so much.  That dang track is capable of producing asthma attacks and vomit.  I have been accused of using bad words there before as well.  Every so often though, when I’m leaving, I am on top of the world. Today was one of those days.

You see, we have workouts set by Coach and times we are supposed to get under.  Today was 6 x 400 with 400 recovery.  Not so bad, sometimes it’s 12 or longer distances or whatever.  The special part about today was the extra push.  Long story short, my close running buddy and I have been able to keep a little faster pace on long runs.  Well, that caught the attention of my faster buddies.  At their request, we lined up at the start with them.   We assumed they would leave us in the dust.  They didn’t, we kept up!  I don’t think they were sandbagging too bad (don’t tell me if they were).  The whole time they were there encouraging and pushing, refusing to accept anything less.  We absolutely would not have hit those 400 times without them there. 

That got me thinking.  I like to think that I am ambitious and driven and all, but where would I be without my support group around me?  Okay, okay, deep thoughts by Summer today but stick with me here. 

Of course I am talking about running, but I’m talking about everything else as well.  I am a Christian because like I have said, God has my back and I don’t want to let him down.  When I do, my church and life group are there to call me out and get me on track.  I am a mother and a wife.  Of course I want to be the best I can, but when I am slacking those dang, brutally honest kids and Pinterest moms (you know who you are) get me back on track.  When I am shoving cookies in my face after too many glasses of wine my Paleo peeps are there to give me a hard time.  Every week, my friends and coach at Crossfit accept no excuses.

 Whatever success I have is not mine to take credit for.  I have to give credit to all of these chickens around me that are pecking me to death to do better and get better.  Sometimes, especially at track, I want to lash out.  However, in the end, I know it is out of love. 

So, thank you to my buddies and family who refuse to listen to me whine.  Thank you for insisting that I be my best.  I hope I can support you just the same.  Which means, don’t get mad when I tell you to suck it up, you’re not actually going to die from this.

Who do you have around you that makes you pull your weight?

Does anything else motivate you?