Weekend In Pictures!

Hello!  How is everyone doing on this beautiful morning?  We are fairing fairly well.  I have a sick baby.  Oh man does she milk it.  She is still super cute though.  Pitiful but cute.

SickBabyI know I have been a total blog slacker lately.  You didn’t hear from me last week!  I know you missed me…right??  Well, I actually wasn’t being a slacker at life.   We have this HUGE flowerbed that we let get completely out of control with the dang weeds.  The kids and I rolled our sleeves up and tackled it.  ALL WEEK.  I was sore from bending over pulling all of those weeds that were somehow cemented into the ground.  I finished Friday evening and was super proud of myself!  Looks good huh?

Of course Saturday morning is long run day.  Probably my favorite day of the week.  We always have so much fun acting like fools on the street of Rockwall before daylight.  As you know Lisa is back and ran 10 miles with me finally.  Don’t worry Lisa, you will never be referred to again as “my friend with the broke leg.”  That is behind us!  We had a great run and even stopped to taste a honeysuckle.  I think that counts as fuel…it’s natural! 

After the 10.5 mile run I grabbed some coffee and headed to Royse City to meet our little group there for 4 more miles.  They are the best!  Great conversation with new friends!  The only thing…we were quickly reminded that summer time is a comin.  Hot hot hot.  That’s ok.  14.5 great miles done for me!  33 miles for the week plus 3 crossfit days.  See…I was busy!

Royse City running buddies.

Royse City running buddies.

Onward to Saturday night!  I have sooo been looking forward to it.  The Bearded Husband and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary this past week so we stayed the night in Dallas to have some fun.  He surprised me with dinner at HG Supply Co.  It’s a Paleo restaurant in Dallas!  It was so good!  I’m dumb though, I didn’t get a picture of my delicious meal because I was too busy stuffing it in my face.  Bummer.  I did however, get a picture of my super cool drink!  As you may know, I’m pretty good at double unders right?  Well, this drink was called the “Double Under” AND it was infused with red beets!  That’s me in a glass!  Crazy.  Now, I have to say, dinner was great but I did step outside of the Paleo world Saturday night.  We had two desserts. Whoops.  Ah #sorrynotsorry.  I love that we still have so much fun together after all of this time.  My hubby is a pretty cool dude.


Coolest drink ever!

Coolest drink ever!

 Alright, finally Sunday.  We jumped out of bed, grabbed some old fashioned breakfast at the original Mama’s Daughters’ Diner and went to cheer on my little sista and a couple of running buddies in the Skyline Half.  Remember how I said it was hot?  Oh those poor sweaty runners.  We posted at the top of a hill and watched runner after runner trudge up it.  The coolest part you ask?  All of the RRC runners coasted up that hill like it was nothing.  I’m not just saying that because I love them.  The training really pays off.  They did great!  Little sista rocked it too! 

We'll pretend she didn't stop to take this selfie at mile 11.  K??

We’ll pretend she didn’t stop to take this selfie at mile 11. K??

Well, folks, thanks for being patient and forgiving me for my week off.  I’m getting busy with new summer recipes and excited about the prospect of training for another full.  Of course, you will get to hear all about it.  I know you’re so excited!  Life is good!

Hmmm which full should I do?  Please chime in!