Bacon Selfie!

I’m in a goofy mood today.  Probably because it is Halloween and the kids have acted cracked out all week, or because I took a rest day yesterday and I’m not totally beat down.  I went to Crossfit this morning and was pleasantly surprised by the WOD (workout of the day).  It was:

21-15-9 Thrusters 95/65#

60-30-15 Double Unders

Since I run so dang much its making me stink at the heavy stuff in Crossfit.  Running burns away my muscle.  That’s ok though, after January I’ll make a little switch back…I’ll save that story for another post.  Anyway, double unders are something I can actually do well.  I was on a competitive jump rope team in 5th grade and it turns out muscle memory is a real thing.  Jealous right?  Thrusters I’m not so great at.  I did 55#.  I meant to take some sweet Crossfit pictures for you this morning but I forgot.  BaconSelfieInstead, the kids and I took bacon selfies.  You do that right?

Tomorrow I have another 18 mile run planned.  Maybe not for everyone, but for me it takes some preparing.  Well, if I want the run to be fun as opposed to a trudge through hell.  Distance running can be a little tricky with the Paleo diet.  (Since Mark would call it chronic cardio and tell me to stop it.  Yeah, no.)  By default its a pretty low carb way of eating.  I know I need a few extra carbs to keep from running out of gas.  However, that does not mean I get to have pasta and bagels…that would be a whole other gas issue.  No, let me introduce white rice and the sweet potato. 

Sweet potatoes easy enough.  We all know they are super good for us and we should be eating those delicious little things.  White rice is something totally different.  I’ve actually hesitated to bring it up because it is not Paleo.  However, it is not toxic like other grain.  It’s literally a good source of carbs.  Rice has been buzzing around my Paleo buddies for a few weeks so I thought I would talk about it.  I eat rice and sweet potatoes to prepare for my long runs and races.  Not a ton though.  If my run is on Saturday, I’ll start upping my carbs on Wednesday.  Meaning I’ll take in about 20 extra carbs a day with the rice or potatoes.  For example, here’s a little picture of my breakfast today.  There’s only one piece of bacon because I was taking selfies with the other two.  That’s about a quarter cup of rice.baconandrice

The reason I hesitate to talk about this, if you are trying to lose weight and are not seriously using glycogen you should not be eating it.  However, if you do, it won’t kill you and if you are running or doing some other form of cardio, then know it is a good source of carbs. 

Man! To be in a goofy mood I got a little heavy.  I don’t have a “real” recipe posted for you today, but I have these little gems.  Pumpkin seeds! PumpkinSeeds I roasted a ton of them last night and they must have crack in them too because I can’t stay away.  So good.  Basically you get the gooey stuff off of them, spread them on a cookie sheet with olive oil and seasoning and bake at 350 for about 40 minutes.  Really just watch them and try some along the way until they are done like you prefer.  I used a “house” seasoning that I have but you can use anything you like.  Probably not crack though. 

FOLKS!  We are still staying away from the candy right??  Right.