The Real Reason Why I Stick with Paleo


I’m getting real today folks.

Alright I’ve had my little baby blog for a while, you guys are getting to know me better.  You know all about my running life, Crossfit shenanigans, you see what I like to eat and you know we started this whole venture because the bearded husband was diagnosed with diabetes.  Well, I need to fess up.  I need to tell you the real reason why I take my diet so seriously.

I have Psoriasis, scalp psoriasis specifically.   It is actually an autoimmune disorder.  Thankfully in the realm of autoimmune stuff, psoriasis was all I was blessed with.  However, it has always been my deep, dark secret.  I’ve had it as far back as I can remember.  It has literally been one of my life missions to hide it.  The medicines to treat it are harsh, some of them suppress your immune system.  Most of the ones I’ve tried are just disgusting.

Then…Matt and I started down our Paleo adventure.  It took me TWO YEARS to realize my diet had an affect on my Psoriasis!  It took I don’t know how many times of sticking with the diet and everything would clear up, then falling off the wagon and my skin would inflame to realize what was going on.  Of ALL of the dermatologist and even rheumatologist I’ve been to NOT ONE of them ever suggested my diet could affect my skin.  Crazy.

Well, it does.  This little confession here is one of the reasons I started this blog.  Until now, I haven’t been brave enough to put it out there!  As more and more people learn about the way I eat they just look at me like I’m a crazy gym rat that has some kind of super will power.  So yeah, true, I love to work out a bunch and I LOVE the way I feel when I’m being a good Paleo peep.  It’s also true that Matt and I both lost a bunch of weight because of the Paleo diet.  My real, daily motivation is my skin.  One “cheat” meal necessarily won’t hurt me I guess, but two will.  If I go a whole weekend or on vacation and just eat whatever I want it sets me back months.  Months of back to hiding my skin problem and not to mention significant hair loss.  Awesome right?

I know most of you reading this do not have the same problem I do.  I’m putting this out there so you know the significance your diet can have on your health.  My autoimmune condition is about 98% controlled by what I put in my mouth.  Seriously.

Regardless of if you believe in the Paleo diet, we are not designed to eat fast foods and processed, packaged chemicals.  If you have something, anything, ailing you, look at your diet to see if there is room for change.  Like I said, for me just eating well sometimes or most of the time does not fix it.  I have to eat right all of the time.  However, I would not trade the way I feel or the way my skin is controlled for all of the junk food in the world.  It’s just not worth it.

Eek!  I put my deep dark secret on the internet!  This is a big day for me!  Maybe I was able to help someone, maybe not.  Either way, stop looking at me like a crazy gym rat!