It’s Packet Pick Up Day!!

 ExpoMeandKidsThe Metro PCS Dallas Marathon and Half Marathon is this Sunday!  So exciting!  My kiddos and I treat packet pick up day like a holiday. We get out of bed singing “It’s packet pick up day!” then we rush around to get the swag bag.  When there is an expo involved it’s especially exciting.  Don’t they look so happy?  Seriously, they really do like it.

DallasPacketThis packet was pretty cool.  I’m stoked about the number.  It looks like a fast number to me anyway.  The shirt is good too.  Win win. 

I’m all chatty about the packet but today was a little challenging to get to it!  See, I am a country girl.  Driving around in the big city with three kids that don’t think they can hear one another unless they are yelling at the top of their lungs is way harder than running a half marathon…in my opinion.  I was supposed to meet my buddies at 11 but I was an HOUR late from driving around trying to find the place.  Then driving around because I refused to pay $15 for parking.  What??  Crazy business. 

BuddiesatDallasExpoOnce we got inside it was all fun and games.  Sampled some food, got some GU, bounced on the bounce house and I scored a free shirt from Greenlayer!  Heck yeah!  You’ll be glad to know, my buddies were there.

So, race day.  First and foremost, one of my lovely running buddies has agreed to drive me.  Whew.  It’s supposed to be raining.  That’s ok, we always train in bad weather so we know what to expect.  I’ll put on a little extra body glide and use the rain as a distraction from what I’m actually doing.  My plan for this race is to PR which would be under 2:11.  I’m pretty confident I can do that.  I am not, however, going to kill myself out there.  This is a training race for me for New Orleans.  Meaning, I’m going to figure out when I need to eat before the race and ways to keep my nerves in check.  Oh man, I am a nervous nelly on race day.  That leads to bad problems…if you know what I mean…

There are 331 runners from my area doing this race.  Join me in saying a little prayer that everyone completes their race safety and has a great time doing it.  Everyone I know has worked dang hard and deserves the victory they will get on Sunday.  I know you’re stinking excited for my race report!