NOLA! Part 1…

My buddies! Apparently, I'm the only one that got the funny face memo.

My buddies! Apparently, I’m the only one that got the funny face memo.

Hi!  I survived, humbled but alive!  I have so much to tell you, I have to break it up into two parts.  Otherwise, this will be a marathon blog post and I’m sure that’s not what you are looking for.  Hehe get it??  Anyway, we are home and back into the same routine sort of.  Man I have lots to tell you.

Here are Lisa and I at the expo.  Two nervous nelly's I tell ya.

Here are Lisa and I at the expo. Two nervous nelly’s I tell ya.

I’ll start by saying I successfully completed the New Orleans Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon on January 25th.  (Just in case you’ve never read this blog before, otherwise you know that I’ve been talking about it forever.)  I think the race weekend really started on Thursday.  I got a call from one of my best running buddies, Lisa, that she had a stress fracture in her tibia.  Boy was that stressful!  I was in the kitchen crying for her.  But guess what??  She ran the race anyway!  Sheer badassery! 

This is the crew that braved the Nola trip with me.  Rogue looking bunch.

This is the crew that braved the Nola trip with me. Rogue looking bunch.

So super early Saturday morning after leaving the offspring with Nonnie and Grandpa, my dear hubby, my mom, my great neighbors, Allison and Matt, and myself left for the big city of New Orleans.  What a great trip all around!  We laughed and carried on and yes, all 5 of us shared a hotel room.  Shhh, don’t tell the hotel folks.  It was quite the covert operation.  We stayed up laughing like little kids all weekend.  They were AWESOME on race day!  If you have never ran a race you will never know how great it is to look forward to seeing your family on the course and then actually seeing them.  It passes in 5 seconds but it means the world.

They even made a sign!

They even made a sign!

Saturday night the entire Rockwall Running Club got together in the hotel for a prayer and a pep talk from Coach.  I believe there were about 45 of us in all.  It is so inspiring to hang around these awesome runners.  There are runners from all levels but we are a tight community with a respect for God and the sport.  Coach mentioned that we need to know our “Why” for running the race.  Well, I knew my Why for this race…


My “Why”. #TB23

This picture is my cousin, Taylor, whom we lost this past summer in a car accident.  She was absolutely beautiful and full of life.  Taylor was an incredible athlete.  I always knew that she played sports well, but until hearing from all of her teammates at her funeral I had no idea what type of teammate she was.  She not only excelled in everything, she accepted no excuses and lifted her team up.  They told stories of her winning cross country meets then going back on the course to encourage them.  What an inspiration!  I put her number on my singlet and ran in memory of her.  Boy did she help me too!  That story will come in Part 2…just wait on it!

Sunday morning came and my running buddies and I marched down to the start line.  Of course way too early and we stood around and froze for awhile.  That’s what we do.  We got in the coral together, took pictures, encouraged, went over the race plans and jumped around from nerves.  The race started and we were off. 

Here we are at mile 9.  We look awesome right??
Here we are at mile 9. We look awesome right??

There were 8 of us who basically trained together at about the same pace and planned to stay together.  The plan was to run a 10:15 pace for 15 miles then start to drop the pace in the later miles.  Ha!  Yeah that didn’t happen.  Folks!  26.2 miles is a long way to run!  For the first 20, we were on top of the world.  Good 10:00 minute pace, we tried to conserve energy, stay as close together as we could, see the sights, you know all of the good stuff.  Lisa was doing great. Best. Day. Ever.

Then mile 21 came…things changed a little…we all made it but those smiles changed to determined grimaces.

To be continued…da da duh…