“Will Power” That is a Diet Word, Get Rid of It

Hi Folks!  Did you miss me?  I’ve been a slacker the past week in blog world.  Here’s the truth.  My “oldest” twin and I we have been busy in the Lego bin.  That kid is obsessed and I get sucked in!  It’s hard to find those little pieces in the sea of Lego’s and I think just one more…just one more…until the whole morning is gone.  I know…excuses…

So anyway, I’m a little fired up this week.  I’ve heard news of a new dessert a popular fast food place has come out with and to me it’s down right offensive!  I’m not going to get into that as badly as I want to.

It did get me thinking about something else.  Since I posted my issues about my skin I’ve gotten a lot of questions.  First, yay!  Thank you for taking the time to read my stuff!  What an honor!  Anyway, a lot of times I hear the word “will power.”  Things like “I just don’t have your will power” or “I wish I had more will power.”  What does that even mean?  I think somewhere along the way, probably the 80’s, someone said you need the “will power” to resist “x” food for the good of mankind and your rear.

Here’s my opinion, you do not need “will power” to resist eating some nasty sugar filled dessert that probably isn’t food anyway. 


At this point in my life I’m coming from an athlete standpoint when I think about things that I eat.  God gave me a body that works hard for me and I demand a lot from it.  Do I love every part of it?  Of course not, but that doesn’t mean I don’t keep working.  I get up early and work hard.  Maybe you are the same, maybe not.  However, your body is working for you too.  My bet is, you get up everyday, take care of your family, go to a job you work hard at, generally stay afloat and hopefully succeed.

Why in the world would you deserve to eat food consistently that could stop you from doing those things?  Things that don’t nourish your body enough to keep it going at full potential?

So here’s my trick.  Have you heard of hydrogenated oil?  If you haven’t you should check it out.  It’s bad bad stuff, and it’s in A LOT of stuff.  It’s a poison your body cannot process and it causes all kinds of trouble.  My kids are not Paleo but hydrogenated oil is where I draw the line.  I DO NOT bring it into my house.  So…when I’m faced with the temptation to eat a delicious sugar filled dessert (or whatever else) the thought of being skinny or having clear skin is not enough to keep me from eating it.  Picturing it dripping in a nasty poison that will stick with me forever is a different story.  It grosses me out.  Before you eat that “x” food, picture the fact that it has basically been dipped in dirty motor oil from the garage floor first.  Ugh.  Gag.  It works…

Whoa!  I got a little deep again today!  My point is, you do not need some kind of magic “will power.”  You need to just think about what you are fueling your body and mind with.  When you think about what is actually in it I hope you will also think about how wonderful you are and how you don’t deserve the abuse. 



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