Sweet Summer Time!

SummerTimeCollageI folks!!  How are you?  Good?  Good!  I’m fine, thanks for asking.  Life is good.  Okay, I’m going to come right out and say it.  You aren’t hearing from me as much as you were…it’s stressing me out!  I don’t want anyone to think I’m another blogger who started a blog and lost interest.  I have so much fun with this!  However, these little rats in that picture up there are home 24/7.  Taking the time to sit at the computer for a while is proving to be a problem.  And the little one is potty training…so there’s that.  I want to be very honest and let you know that if this summer is a little sparse don’t give up on me.  Come fall I will totally make it up to you.  Maybe I’ll post more desserts or something. 

Anywho, man we’ve been having fun!  One did soccer camp, another is doing Lego camp, the little one started gymnastics (which is freaking adorable!) we leave Wednesday to camp with my Mom for a week, and later we’ll take our annual trip to Ocean City, MD.  See, all of you moms understand.  We have to keep them busy to keep from hanging them up from their toenails.  So?  Who’s up for a morning mimosa date on the first day of school?  This girl.

On to my fitness world.  Last time we chatted I was dealing with a stupid hamstring/knee injury.  Well, I’m ecstatic to report that I’m almost over it!!  Yay!  Last week I ran 21 miles.  I went to a new place called the Airrosti Rehad Centers. They literally used their little, harmless looking thumbs and ROCKED MY WORLD.  They go deep into the muscle and force it to behave.  As much as it hurts at the very moment it’s happening, I had almost immediate relief.  I’ve had to go back a couple of more times to get it to 100% but they are great people who got me back on the pavement.  I am one very happy runner. 

MoonlightGroupPicWith my friends and my newly healed leg we set out last Saturday night to run Moonlight Madness in Dallas.  Well, it was interesting to say the least.  I did the 10k because I wasn’t quite ready for a half.  In my head I was saying, “I hate this race.  I love running.  I hate this race. I love running.”  You get the point.  I feel sorry for the director.  He couldn’t help that the course flooded about 20 minutes before the start or that it was 150 degrees with 500% humidity.  The halfers literally had to wade through a lot of standing water.  Boy were they mad.  But you know what?  We came, we saw and we conquered.  We also decided we will stick to morning runs. 

FlexingNow, finally I’m getting back into my old routine.  Crossfit Monday, Wednesday and Friday and running Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.  I am quite the happy camper.  Well, literally when I’m camping in a couple of days I will be, but I digress.  I’ll leave you with this little photo.  Aren’t we um cute?  Is that the word?  Maybe badass…yeah I don’t know.  Have a great week peeps!