Tomorrow is a New Day

My offspring really are cute.

My offspring really are cute.

Happy fall ya’ll.  Yesterday was the first day of fall right?  That’s what I saw on Facebook anyway.  Now if it can just cool off a little it would be great.  I’m so ready for tights and sweatshirts.  Oh and not sweating so bad I stink my car up on the ride home too.

Anywho, I have so much going on!  I just knew when my kids started school I would be lounging around the house during the day doing my “projects” I had listed to get done.  Yeah right.  Everyday is full!  What the heck??  People warned me but you know how it is.  The good news is, I like it.  It’s all good stuff.  I’ve never been great at sitting still anyway…makes me nervous.

I’ll tell you a little about my running life because, as usual, you’re dying to hear I’m sure.  Well, you know how I’ve mentioned we are starting the Hanson Marathon training method?  We still are but we’ve switched our focus a bit.  A few of us signed up for the DRC Half Marathon on Nov 1 with a sub 2 hour goal.  Now, to most of you speedies that’s no big deal.  To me it’s a big deal.  I’m not a fast runner and I’m not that keen on being uncomfortable either.  So, according to Coach we need to put on our big girl panties, put in the work and get it done.  That’s what I intend to do.  Oh dear.

No backing out now!

No backing out now!

Thank goodness for a great chiropractor. Grrr...stupid foot.

Thank goodness for a great chiropractor. Grrr…stupid foot.

One little snag.  I’m dealing with a case of plantar factitious.  Grrr…I don’t know why my body can’t get on board with all of my goals.  It’ll be alright.  I’m trying to be super tough. 

On to my next point, which is what this blog is about, my body is not cooperating because I’ve been eating crap.  Now, before you go giving me a hard time I told you from the beginning I’m not a perfect Paleo girl.  Um, mainly because I live in 2015 and cheese fries are delicious.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  Weekdays I’m usually okay, but weekends…oh lawd.  Come on!  It’s my WHOLE families birthday month!  You may cut me some slack, but unfortunately, my body won’t.  I have to get back on track, not necessarily because of the scale, but because I will FEEL BETTER.

I tell you this because 1) I want to be transparent 2) if you’ve been trying to stick with a healthier way of living and it’s not quite “stuck”, try again.  Tomorrow is always a new day. 

As much as I wish the scale could be a motivator, it just doesn’t always hold up when you are hungry and are faced with a plate of cheese fries or whatever.  However, for me, when I feel great it’s easy to pass up on the junk because I don’t want to ruin it.  Plus, when you are not eating junk you don’t crave it.  I PROMISE.

Of course I’m telling you this knowing good and well I’m going to have scotch eggs and beer at our marathon planning pow wow tonight.  Tomorrow is a new day!  I PROMISE!  If I want to reach my goals it really does start in the kitchen for me.  Let’s do it together!

What is your motivation for sticking with a healthier lifestyle?