Seriously Summer? Get it together! More coffee is NOT the answer.


Oh you KNOW I’m coming on today to chat with you!  Huge day here in this house!  I’m going to start by saying I’ve had an unhealthy amount of coffee.  I feel like there are spark plugs in my brain.  I kind of want to type in all caps.  No, I didn’t stand at my counter crying into copious amounts of coffee cups.  I had two “meetings over coffee” back to back this morning.  I’ll tell you all about them.  One of them involves ruining a bunch of important stuff.

So rewind back to the beginning of my day.  Obviously, unless you’ve been under a giant rock you know today was the first day of school and my little baby boys started kindergarten!  They were thrilled.  I was happy to get some time apart from the little suckers, but man I was nervous!  Not even sure about what.  Just anxious.  Thankfully, I knew a whole group of running buddies that were meeting before 4am to run.  I joined them to run away my jitters.  A good run and a prayer totally did the trick…always does.  I didn’t get a picture.  You guys need to stay on me about more pictures!  Yay, new blog goal…oops coffee again.

So anyway, the Bearded Husband and I took them to school and we got to walk them to class and get them set up.  I felt like I held it together pretty well.  They didn’t care one bit about me.  Ty thinks his teacher is pretty so he is sold 100%.  I would tear up a little, see a friend and get it together, then repeat the process.  I know I said I wasn’t going to cry!  I wouldn’t call it that per say.  More like a holy cow this is happening, kind of reaction.

They are so full of life. I just love these crazy kids!

They are so full of life. I just love these crazy kids!

After drop off, the baby and I, went to meeting number 1.  The awesome girls of Moms Run This Town set up an event at La Madeleine so we could get together and celebrate…or not…the first day of school.  So fun.  Running buddies are the best. Then we headed over to Denny’s in Royse City to have a planning meeting for Run Fest which is a 5k that will be in my town in October.  I am so excited to get to be part of it!

Here’s the thing…I met with Papa Turtle who I’ve mentioned before, my friend Amanda and a Royce City city councilwoman, to plan this race.  Guess what happened?  The minute all of the important documents were spread out on the table, the 2 year old in my lap spills the entire cup of coffee everywhere!!  Yep, all over the papers and the councilwoman’s dress.  Of. Course.  The only person who was not affected was me.  Of. Course.  They were good sports about it, but COME ON!  Get it together Summer!  I’m a child.

Now I sit here blogging all on my own with no interruptions.  Certainly not crying now.  I still have a ton to catch you up on.  I’m super excited lately because I’m going to change my marathon training up a little.  I’ve been doing some reading which has me fired up.  You know I’ll stick with the Paleo business as well.  It’s going to be a GREAT year!  Believe me, you’ll hear all about it!


Pumpkin Almond Iced Coffee

I got a picture today before I drank the whole thing in about 2 minutes!  I’m digging this coffee.  I’ve been drinking it every morning for my second breakfast.  See, I usually have half of an Isopure protein shake on the way to workout and half on the way home, then I have the two eggs we talked about last week.  Once the kids wake up a couple of hours later I’m ready to eat again.  Sometimes I cut up an apple and take it along but lately its been this delicious iced coffee.  coffeefront

As you get to know me a little better you will start to realize I eat as much as a grown man.  I try to change sometimes…not really.  I love food.

This weekend will be another big weekend.  One of my five year old twins, Ty, and I will be running his second 5k, the Jailbreak Run Fest in Royse City, TX.  He’s my little running buddy.  Hopefully I don’t have to carry him as much as I did last time.  In all seriousness though, I think he’s going to be an outstanding athlete.  We’ll see soon enough I suppose.

Then Sunday I have 18 miles on the plan with a handful of my buddies.  Oh man, I’m a little nervous.  18 will be a new distance for me.  I’ll get straight out of bed with a prayer Sunday morning you can be sure.  Don’t worry, I’ll have lots of weekend pictures to share.  You were worried right?

Try my coffee and see what you think!  Let me know!


Pumpkin Almond Iced Coffee
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  1. 1 cup black coffee cooled
  2. 1 heaping tbsp. pumpkin puree
  3. 1 heaping tbsp. pure maple syrup
  4. 1 heaping tbsp. unsweetened almond butter
  5. 1/3 cup unsweetened coconut milk
  6. 1/8 tsp. pumpkin pie spice
  7. handful of ice
  1. Combine all ingredients including ice and blend.
  2. Serve over ice.
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