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Well, hi peeps!  What’s up?  I have had another busy week.  Good busy, I can’t complain.  I got a fair warning this summer from some other wise mom about the rat race.  I was envisioning tons of free time to hang out on my back porch and blog during blissful school hours and that is just not the case.  I find myself involved in all of these projects.  Secretly, I like it. 

However, Wednesday I was so busy running around all day that I didn’t get a shower until 4pm.  I RAN 6 miles at 4:15am!  Yeah, the folks I’m involved with on these projects appreciated my aroma I’m sure.  Remember that city council woman I spilled coffee on?  I’m pretty sure she thinks I’m homeless.  Geez Summer, can’t you just get dressed like an adult for once? Whatever, ok?

I kind of want to get all sappy on you today, but I will refrain…maybe.  Ya’ll let me just say, if you don’t have “your people” you really need to find them.  This world is a scary place and not always the nicest place.  I know 100% that God has my back.  I also know that a lot of his blessings come from the help of others.  I’m getting all sappy because a lot of great things have happened lately that were the result of my people banding together to overcome a trial.  My eyes have just been opened to how much we love and depend on one another, even with differences.  So let me just say, you know who your people are, I hope, and boy can they piss you off sometimes.  Forgive them, be patient and kind because when you need them, they are there on the front lines ready to fight.  We are meant to work together.  Now, can all of you remind me of this next time I’m angry at one of you??

Ok since I got that off my chest I’m happy to report we are headed on another camping adventure this weekend!  The weather is perfect.  It’s not supposed to rain the whole time like normal!  Well, until we get there, then it will rain I’m sure.  We are going tent camping with my Dad, sister and brother.  I’m so excited!  We are going to do all of the normal stuff and you know I plan on getting that perfect camping run in as well.  I’ll be updating Instagram I’m sure so keep a watch out for pretty scenery pictures.  As usual, I’m armed with good food so I can stay on track.  It’s marathon training time!!  I have lots to share with that as well.  We’ll talk next week!  See ya on the flip side!

Busy Body…

MeandKidsCampingThings are crazy here in da house!  What about you guys??  We are gearing up to take on the summer and we are as busy as ever.  I kind of like it though.  I’m a busy body so the more the better.  I feel like I have so much to tell you!  Ok, ok I really should drink less coffee.

Where do I start?  Last time I chatted with you I was hanging out in the gym more.  Well, I’m still injured (stupid leg!) so that is still happening.  No worries, I’ll tell you all about it.  Besides workout stuff, my twins graduated preschool, we went camping, spent some time in East Texas, started working on an outdoor kitchen at our house, a half marathon got cancelled and I stuck out the food challenge until the end.  Hmmm, maybe that covers it all.

We know how to party.  It's not a camping trip unless you sleep with glow glasses and dental floss right?

We know how to party. It’s not a camping trip unless you sleep with glow glasses and dental floss right?

 Alright, back to the stupid leg.  I have been running for a longish time and I have this pattern.  I feel great so I start to get big for my britches.  I love running and I feel good so I run a little further, a little faster, then a little further, then a lot faster and I continue down that path until I get hurt.  EVERYTIME I have been hurt from running it’s because I was skipping down that damn path.  This time is no different.  I go out and run faster and faster and faster then BAM.  It’s a hamstring/knee problem and I’m working on the 3rd week with zero miles!! 

You know what though?  This injury is a little different than the others.  I’m not depressed, moping around and growling at everyone who looks at me.  Instead, I’ve completely thrown myself into the gym and embraced the Crossfit wod’s.  Yeah, I’m having to modify some because of the injury but overall between the nutrition challenge and the days in the gym I’m seeing huge improvements in my strength!  It’s a great distraction from being off the road. 

Since I talked to you last we maxed out at the gym and I got some PR’s including a 30lb PR on back squat which was super exciting and I FINALLY was able to do unassisted pull-ups in a workout!!  Now, that was pee my pants exciting!  June will be my 2 year anniversary and I have never been able to RX a pull up wod.  Since I’m not running, I’m not burning my muscle away and I can do these things.  It is kind of fun.  Don’t worry running buddies…I’m coming back…eventually.

Oh and I totally won the nutrition challenge!!  Whoop!! It was tough.  Yeah, I eat Paleo (duh) so that wasn’t the big deal.  Oddly enough the one glass of wine a week was so hard for me!  The thing is, usually I only drink two glasses a week or so.  I can’t drink too much, I get up too early, someone telling me I was limited killed me!  Especially camping.  But I did it, and I got some money to buy new workout gear.  Whoop!

Challenge money!  Blistered, pull-up hands, and my first RX pull-up WOD.  So much going on!

Challenge money! Blistered, pull-up hands, and my first RX pull-up WOD. So much going on!

 Ok so, speaking of strength gains and nutrition I am really finding myself torn lately.  I won’t go into this too much today but this will be something I’ll be touching on through the summer and I need some feedback people!  I added carbs to my diet and upped my lifts at the gym and I gained weight.  Yeah, yeah, I know its muscle.  Everybody keeps saying that!  I don’t like it.  I wish I had a skinny runner body but that’s not the body God gave me turns out.  When I was training for the full I weighed less and my clothes were bigger but I have to say right now I’m digging having the strength and I do feel great.  I squeeze my butt, shaped from heavy back squats, into my jeans and it pisses me off.  First world problems I suppose.

Anyway, last thing.  We were scheduled to run Moonlight Madness this weekend in Dallas.  Well, it was totally flooded so the race got cancelled.  I wasn’t too disappointed because I couldn’t run it anyway.  We went out drinking instead.  I know…bad.  But man we had a blast.  I have the best running buddies ever!  I love them!

I'll leave you with this gem.  Pretty much the best.

I’ll leave you with this gem. Pretty much the best.


More Camping…Cold and Raining. We are getting used to it.


I mean seriously, I’m starting to think our camping trips are cursed!  There was no rain in the forecast and it rained.  Not the whole weekend thankfully.  But the entire last night and all while we were packing up the next morning.  It’s so fun to bring home wet and muddy camping gear.  Oh well…we are doing it again in May.  Maybe we will have better weather then!

People think we are nuts for going so often, especially in whatever weather.  I also have to say it is a TON of work.  Packing, unpacking, setting up, taking down, everything getting downright filthy…especially me since I chose to not shower.  (It’s cold people!)  However, all of the work is so worth it to watch the kids play all day and have a little freedom.  They ride their bikes, play with other kids, run around and explore, and are able to do it without me on top of them.  It’s usually a good reset for all of us.

This time we also camped with some old friends from college we haven’t seen in a while.  It was really fun to meet all of their kids and reminisce about old times.  Yeah, maybe we have turned into old people sitting around the camp fire reliving the glory days.  But hey, we had fun then and we have fun now.  We are pretty much the best.

discadaateisenhowerI’ve said it before, but as far as my menu was concerned I try not to create special occasions for myself.  Camping is one of those times.  I let my kids eat the worst junk food ever while we are camping and I’m ok with that.  For myself, I try to stay the course.  Of course we made discada the first night.  Seriously, it is one of my favorite foods!  Sooo good.  Our friends also made Mexican corn and roasted brussel sprouts over the open fire.  I mean seriously.  Then the next night was fajitas.  For lunch I took a quinoa salad that I like to make.  It’s not strict Paleo but it works for me and you can eat it cold.  I’ll post the recipe one of these days. 

Now, I have to be honest.  I stole a couple of tortillas and inhaled them like they were running away.  They were calling my name on that delicious discada.  I also had the kids make me a Smore.  Like a for real one.  No weird chocolate substitute or Paleo graham cracker.  A for real Smore.  Yum yum.  You have to live a little right!?  Mimosas made have been involved as well.  The world will never know for sure…

CowboyCoffeeSomething else I just have to mention is my friend made cowboy coffee.  Basically, she heated up water, poured the ground coffee in and let it steep.  Then we just poured it into our cups.  I don’t know why I thought it was so good but it was!  Maybe because it was so cold all weekend!  Either way, next time you’re in a coffee pinch this worked great!

So in other news.  I didn’t run at all while we were camping.  I also skipped track Tuesday because I was so tired.  Man, what a loser!  It’s not like me to go so many days without running.  Especially while camping.  Maybe I need to sign up for another full to get my butt in gear.  What do you think??

Anyway, more recipes coming this week!  I’m working on some side dishes for you.  Have a great Tuesday!

Happy New Year Folks!


Some of my camping buddies. The Bearded Husband and my friend Allison who braved the rain and cold with me.

Howdy!  I hope everyone had a happy new year.  I certainly did.   I rang in the new year by camping in the rain and cold for three days with great friends and great food.  It rained so much it sort of became funny. 

On the menu for dinner each night was beef stew, discada, and steak and veggies.  All cooked outside and the steak over open flames.  For lunch, I made my mushroom chicken that I heated up each day.  Seriously, we ate like kings.  Very wet and cold kings but whatever.  I have New Orleans looming overhead so I tried to eat right.  I have to make sure not to create special occasions for myself to eat badly.  Camping is no exception but man, since that food is eating right, I would not have it any other way!

Our lifeline.  This and the heated shelter we slept in!

Our lifeline. This and the heated shelter we slept in!

Also, Allison ran her first six miles!  No walking, ran like a rock star.  She is training for a 15k in February.  That race is going down!


Feels like 12!

Then I came home Saturday evening and prepared myself to run 20 miles early Sunday morning.  We did it!  20 miles with a 10:06 average pace!  I know that is not fast to some of you speedies, but to me it is.  It was cold and windy as hell too!  Pardon my French, but seriously.  One of my buddies, Lisa, spilled her water bottle on her glove and the dang thing iced over.  She’s hardcore.  She ran 20 miles wearing an ice glove.  I wish I had my phone for a picture of that.  Oh, and thanks to Dawn Peoples for the awesome picture I do have.

New Orleans 26.2 is very very close.  It’s January 25th.  We are still working hard.  I’m still going to Crossfit as well.  I missed some classes from traveling but I’m back now.  Thankfully, I have a great coach that’s helping me make it to the start line.  Backing off a little on strength training for now, but be sure I’ll be paying it back in February. 

So after reading all of my rambling you’re probably wondering where the heck are the recipes?!  They are coming people.  I haven’t been cooking!  I also haven’t been cleaning my house but that’s another story.  Anyway, I’m back at it tonight.  The food is coming!

Camping Adventure as Promised


 We are home from our little trip and it was as crazy as I thought it would be.  The forecast called for rain but there is always that little voice in your head that says, “No way dude, it’s not going to rain on our camping trip.”  That little voice was incorrect this time…  However, it is still a beautiful place and we ended up having a great weekend. 

Friday night started out nice.  We were there with our neighbors, got everything set up and cooked some seriously delicious camp food.  No smores here, everything was better than that.  My hubby made a new recipe called Discada.  Its traditionally a Mexican dish and it’s actually cooked on a Discada.  Let me just say, as I was purchasing the ingredients I was thinking maybe he has lost his mind.  Maybe we could just eat fajitas like we normally do.  I was wrong, give me this plate of meat any day.  Just ask the neighbors.  I included the recipe below and before the Paleo police come knocking on my door I know its not strict Paleo because of the sausage and beer.  The beer cooks away so no worries there for us and you can leave out the sausage if you need to.  We call this a weekend recipe.  I promise the rest of my recipes will be Paleo stuff you cook in your house.

After our stomachs were full and we had our time sitting and chatting about important global issues we hunkered down and waited for the rain.  Well it started to rain about midnight and I think something happened with the rain cloud.  Maybe it stopped for a sandwich or stopped on the side of the road to send a very long text, but it stopped ON TOP OF US.  We were ok, but it filled my neighbors tent with water.  That or they snuck down to the lake and submerged all of their belongings in the water.  Either way, sadly, they had to leave the next morning.  We hated to see them go but ended up having a great time bonding as a little family. camprunning

Saturday afternoon, after a lunch comprised of chicken sausage, baked apple chips and salsa I headed out for a 10mile run with my new watch!  I can’t figure out how to work the dang thing so far.  It seems like it has a lot of fun stuff and is going to make me super fast but I haven’t played with it enough yet.  Saturday, it at least measured distance and pace in miles so I was happy enough.  My run wasn’t awesome because my stomach was stuffed and Gloria Estefan kept showing up on my playlist??  Either way, NOLA is one run closer.wineandchocolate

Saturday night I had this.  Cabernet I picked up on my Napa trip and 85% dark chocolate I get at a great price at Aldi.  So what if I drank my wine from a solo cup??    



Mexican Discada According to Matt
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  1. ½ lb bacon cut to ¼” pieces
  2. 1lb chorizo
  3. 2lbs of country style pork ribs, cubed ~1 inch
  4. 1lb Fajita meat cubed
  5. Kielbasa sausage or hot dogs cubed
  6. 1 Mexican Beer
  7. I can diced tomatoes drained
  8. 1 onion chopped
  9. 2 bell peppers chopped
  10. 1 jalapeno diced small
  11. 2tbsp Fajita seasoning
  12. 1tbsp Cumin
  13. 2tbsp Paprika (Seasoning all to taste)
  1. Cook bacon in center until browned, then push to edge
  2. Cook Chorizo in center until cooked, then push to the edge
  3. Cook/fry cubed country style ribs with some fajita seasoning in oil for around 10 minutes or until nicely browned then move to the side
  4. Cook fajita beef. Then move to the side
  5. Remove ½ - ¾ of remaining oil
  6. Add sausage and veggies. Cook veggies until onion is soft. Also, threw in a whole jalapeno.
  7. Add cumin and paprika, tomatoes, beer and stir all together
  8. Don’t be stingy with the paprika. It will give it nice color.
  9. Cook at medium for about 15-20 minutes, stirring often or until it’s thickened up nicely.
  1. If you don’t have a Discada, instead of pushing to the edge – remove from skillet, leaving oil and put in bowl until later. When it calls to stir all together, combine all ingredients.
Cut The Grain
So who is going to try this awesome recipe??

Sprinklers are not just for kids!

Hot Ta-Ma-Lee!!  If you walk outside in the predawn hours and see grown people in workout clothes playing in a sprinkler, please don’t shoot or call the police or anything drastic.  We promise not to mess up your yard.  It is just a real treat to come across a sprinkler when you think you are dying of a heat stroke.  I think I like them more than my children do.

I had a nice little 8 mile training run planned this morning.  It didn’t turn out as nice as I (and we) had hoped.  When I say we, I am referring to a quite large group of people who have no problem with a run start time between 4:15am and 5:00am.  Its astounding, there are so many running vampires out there.  That’s how I refer to us anyway.  We prefer the dark.  Anywho, where was I?  Hot Ta-Ma-Lee!  It was so humid we were melting!  If you are unfamiliar, humidity is our enemy!  That being said, we got it done.  It doesn’t matter where you are in your journey.  There are absolutely going to be days that seem impossible.  Finish it!  That’s where you learn what you are capable of.

Now, when I get home Every. Single. Day. I make the hubster and I two scrambled eggs a piece.  I don’t even like eggs but they are so good for you!


Eat the yolks people, that’s where the nutrients are. Yes, the fat is there but fat is good for you too!  We are just on the tip of the Paleo ice burg. One important note to add is I am a member of a wonderful, organic vegetable co-op.  In the co-op I have access to free range eggs from a local farm.  Believe me when I say you cannot beat them.  And of course every morning I take a really natural picture of myself holding a plain plate of scrambled eggs.

This weekend my little family and I have camping trip planned.  It is probably going to rain all weekend and we will be in a tent, but we love it anyway.  Camping is usually a time when you eat as many smores and oreos as you can fit in your face but not for me.  I’m training, and a weekend can do a lot of damage.   I learned that from the massive migraine I got last time.  So, I will be staying on the Paleo track mostly and taking lots of pictures so you have ideas for your next camping trip.  Most of you tent camp in the rain with a bunch of little kids right??

Anyway, I’ll be back Monday with those exciting stories.


What is your families’ favorite thing to do?

Do you stay on track for vacation or is any sort of “diet” out the window?