Happy New Year Folks!


Some of my camping buddies. The Bearded Husband and my friend Allison who braved the rain and cold with me.

Howdy!  I hope everyone had a happy new year.  I certainly did.   I rang in the new year by camping in the rain and cold for three days with great friends and great food.  It rained so much it sort of became funny. 

On the menu for dinner each night was beef stew, discada, and steak and veggies.  All cooked outside and the steak over open flames.  For lunch, I made my mushroom chicken that I heated up each day.  Seriously, we ate like kings.  Very wet and cold kings but whatever.  I have New Orleans looming overhead so I tried to eat right.  I have to make sure not to create special occasions for myself to eat badly.  Camping is no exception but man, since that food is eating right, I would not have it any other way!

Our lifeline.  This and the heated shelter we slept in!

Our lifeline. This and the heated shelter we slept in!

Also, Allison ran her first six miles!  No walking, ran like a rock star.  She is training for a 15k in February.  That race is going down!


Feels like 12!

Then I came home Saturday evening and prepared myself to run 20 miles early Sunday morning.  We did it!  20 miles with a 10:06 average pace!  I know that is not fast to some of you speedies, but to me it is.  It was cold and windy as hell too!  Pardon my French, but seriously.  One of my buddies, Lisa, spilled her water bottle on her glove and the dang thing iced over.  She’s hardcore.  She ran 20 miles wearing an ice glove.  I wish I had my phone for a picture of that.  Oh, and thanks to Dawn Peoples for the awesome picture I do have.

New Orleans 26.2 is very very close.  It’s January 25th.  We are still working hard.  I’m still going to Crossfit as well.  I missed some classes from traveling but I’m back now.  Thankfully, I have a great coach that’s helping me make it to the start line.  Backing off a little on strength training for now, but be sure I’ll be paying it back in February. 

So after reading all of my rambling you’re probably wondering where the heck are the recipes?!  They are coming people.  I haven’t been cooking!  I also haven’t been cleaning my house but that’s another story.  Anyway, I’m back at it tonight.  The food is coming!