Weekend Victories!


Whew what a weekend.  My little running buddy, Ty, and I ran in a local 5k and he rocked it!  He is 5 years old so 3 miles is a long way for those little legs. He was so excited to get started.  Naturally, he sprinted for a while, then walked for a while, then sprinted some more.  If you’ve never ran a race with a 5 year old, that’s the way it goes.  At mile 2.5 the going got tough.  I told him to dig deep and he did.  It also helped that a teenager who we consider a local track star helped him finish it out.  It brought tears to my eyes!  So stinking cute!  He earned his 3rd place medal for sure.OneProudMomma

That race had a lot of other victory stories I can share.  My friend who has been training to run the 5K came in well under her goal time and a handful of my running buddies placed in their age groups.  Yep, we are all a bunch of winners.  I am a total jerk and forgot to get pictures.  Ugh…jerk.

Then, the baby threw up in the car on the way home.  Totally not a victory story.  Throw up in the car is so fun to deal with.  Then in the bed…  Man skip over this part already!  She is all better now thankfully.  Hopefully she keeps it to herself!

Sunday we ran 18 miles!  Let me say that again.  Sunday we ran 18 miles!  The greatest thing about that run was the fun we had.  DJ Anna, as we now call her, broke out the playlist and we jammed the whole way.  We jammed on the classics like Respect and Shake Senora.  Greatness right!  I said we probably could have run 25 miles with all of the energy we used on the hand movements for the songs.

It was one of those runs that reminded me why I do it.  My body felt good, the friends were even better and it gave us a little confidence for New Orleans.  Now, if I can keep it together until January.

To top it all off I made it to church on time to work the nursery.  Man, what a morning.

This morning I went to Crossfit to shake off the run with some back squats, wall ball shots, hand stand push-ups and burpees.  I’m always tempted not to go after a long run, but it really does help take the soreness out of my knees.  Don’t ask me why.  I can just tell you its easier to get up the dang stairs.

I came home to this little plate of heaven.  I’ve told you before, I can’t get enough food.  Have a plate of scrambled eggs with brisket and it gets you a little closer.  See, I told you Paleo food is awesome.  brisketandeggs

Speaking of awesome, I have a Paleo shepherds pie headed your way this week! 

Any weekend victories you would like to share?

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