All Better!


Girl Power!

All is better in my world!  After my antibiotics kicked in I am a much happier girl.  I’m running around like crazy trying to clean up my house but I thought I would check in with you for a sec.  I know you were worried sick after my pissy face post from yesterday.  Here’s the deal, I started this blog as a fun project to share my thoughts, food, workouts and stuff with you.  My bad days are just part of it.  When I have a bad day, don’t worry, I bounce back quick.  Unless I’m injured.  Oh then you will really hear it.  That’s the worst! 

Friday is Crossfit day.  We had a great morning with an awesome group of girls!  Here’s what we did:

20 Min AMRAP:
-3 Deadlift
-3 Cleans
-3 Front Squat
-3 Push Jerk
-150m Run

*Score is wt.number of runs
Same bar and weight for all movements of each round.

It wasn’t as bad as I expected.  I did 11 rounds with 55lbs.  After it was done I kind of regretted not adding more weight but oh well.  Next time I won’t be such a baby.  Who am I kidding, next time I’ll be forced to add more weight.

Front squat action shot!

Front squat action shot!

Tomorrow we have another 18 miles on the plan.  We are going out in the rain to get it done.  You’re probably used to the fact that I have a crazy/hardcore bunch of running buddies but really I’ve had some of my best runs in the rain.  It takes your mind off of what is really going on.  Plus, its fun to watch all the motorist look at you like you really are a crazy person.

Last thing really quick.  I’m so excited!!  I made waffles for you this morning!!  I’ve been wanting to come up with a waffle recipe and I did it.  They are so good.  Just for a teaser, they are banana and almond flour waffles with a blueberry, almond butter topping.  My kids loved them!  I will have the waffle recipe and some delicious beef tips for you next week.  See ya!