My People


Well, hi peeps!  What’s up?  I have had another busy week.  Good busy, I can’t complain.  I got a fair warning this summer from some other wise mom about the rat race.  I was envisioning tons of free time to hang out on my back porch and blog during blissful school hours and that is just not the case.  I find myself involved in all of these projects.  Secretly, I like it. 

However, Wednesday I was so busy running around all day that I didn’t get a shower until 4pm.  I RAN 6 miles at 4:15am!  Yeah, the folks I’m involved with on these projects appreciated my aroma I’m sure.  Remember that city council woman I spilled coffee on?  I’m pretty sure she thinks I’m homeless.  Geez Summer, can’t you just get dressed like an adult for once? Whatever, ok?

I kind of want to get all sappy on you today, but I will refrain…maybe.  Ya’ll let me just say, if you don’t have “your people” you really need to find them.  This world is a scary place and not always the nicest place.  I know 100% that God has my back.  I also know that a lot of his blessings come from the help of others.  I’m getting all sappy because a lot of great things have happened lately that were the result of my people banding together to overcome a trial.  My eyes have just been opened to how much we love and depend on one another, even with differences.  So let me just say, you know who your people are, I hope, and boy can they piss you off sometimes.  Forgive them, be patient and kind because when you need them, they are there on the front lines ready to fight.  We are meant to work together.  Now, can all of you remind me of this next time I’m angry at one of you??

Ok since I got that off my chest I’m happy to report we are headed on another camping adventure this weekend!  The weather is perfect.  It’s not supposed to rain the whole time like normal!  Well, until we get there, then it will rain I’m sure.  We are going tent camping with my Dad, sister and brother.  I’m so excited!  We are going to do all of the normal stuff and you know I plan on getting that perfect camping run in as well.  I’ll be updating Instagram I’m sure so keep a watch out for pretty scenery pictures.  As usual, I’m armed with good food so I can stay on track.  It’s marathon training time!!  I have lots to share with that as well.  We’ll talk next week!  See ya on the flip side!