I am fired up! Life is good!


So things are smoothing out some.  The kids are loving kindergarten…me too.  Last week I packed my schedule completely full and honestly I felt a little frazzled.  This week I tried to cool it a little and get some projects done around the house.  By projects I mean cleaning my disgusting bathroom and organizing closets.  I really shouldn’t let them get that dirty.  Anyway, I’m doing other productive stuff too ok!

Back to the fired up business!  The Nola full is REALLY on my mind and I love it!  If you haven’t noticed I’m a fan of marathon training.  The jury is still out on whether I’m a fan of actually running a marathon, but training, yay!  It’s my comfort zone.  I like to get out of bed every morning, ass crack early, and do something that was laid out in a plan for me weeks before.  My buddies help too.  Our new term is “crazy bird.”  As in, “Man there sure are a lot of crazy birds willing to get up and run a billion miles at 4am today.” 

Oh and yeah, 4am is the new 5am for me.  The kids have to get to school super early so my day starts even earlier as well.  I love that I’m surrounded by people who are in the same situation.  No one ever considers not running because they have to be at work/school early, they just run earlier.  Again, Crazy Birds.

Ok I keep getting off track about Nola.  No pun intended…hehe.  I am changing up my plan a little from the last full.  I have to explain.  We have an awesome Coach in the running club that gives us training plans and lots of advice.  Well, I take those plans and shave miles and days off to suite my skill level.  For the last marathon I did 4 run days and 2 Crossfit days a week.  All four run days were hard days. 

Coach Barrett Hopper. He's super fast. Bless him for putting up with us though.

Coach Barrett Hopper. He’s super fast. Bless him for putting up with us though.

Well, a seed was planted in my head by another running buddy on a plan she was following.  It’s running 6 days a week.  It sounded terrible!  The more I thought about it, the more it started to make sense.  I bought the book and the rest is history.

This time around I am still following Coaches plan but I’ve also been reading this Hanson Marathon Training Method book and I’m going to follow it.  They totally match up!  Coach has been telling me the same stuff for two years but it didn’t click in my head until I saw it in print. 

I will be running 6 days a week but FOUR of those days are EASY days.  It’s time on feet.  Turns out, if you don’t go out and kill yourself everyday you have less chance of injury.  Also, your body does all kinds of cool stuff on those easy runs.  Like a part of your heart gets bigger so it can supply more oxygen to your muscles, then your muscles develop more capillaries to take in the extra oxygen.  I mean, that is super hero talk if you ask me!  AND you burn more fat on easy days.  They had me there.  I’ll still cross train 2 days a week because I do better with strength training, but it will be less intense.

The point of the training is to train on tired legs to be more prepared for the END of the race.  Hopefully this is the miracle I need at mile 21…hopefully. 

Another good thing is, since I’m still on Coaches plan, if my buddies don’t want to follow the Hanson Method we will still be together four days a week.  It’s a win/win for sure!  However, I know I have a few buddies that are doing it as well so we will have a really fun training season.  This is not something I could even fathom doing on my own. 

I know Coach is shaking his head since it only has taken me two years to catch on.  Of course, I’m at the beginning of this journey.  I may be shaking my head a few months from now.  We’ll see!

You guys ready for more recipes yet?