Seriously Summer? Get it together! More coffee is NOT the answer.


Oh you KNOW I’m coming on today to chat with you!  Huge day here in this house!  I’m going to start by saying I’ve had an unhealthy amount of coffee.  I feel like there are spark plugs in my brain.  I kind of want to type in all caps.  No, I didn’t stand at my counter crying into copious amounts of coffee cups.  I had two “meetings over coffee” back to back this morning.  I’ll tell you all about them.  One of them involves ruining a bunch of important stuff.

So rewind back to the beginning of my day.  Obviously, unless you’ve been under a giant rock you know today was the first day of school and my little baby boys started kindergarten!  They were thrilled.  I was happy to get some time apart from the little suckers, but man I was nervous!  Not even sure about what.  Just anxious.  Thankfully, I knew a whole group of running buddies that were meeting before 4am to run.  I joined them to run away my jitters.  A good run and a prayer totally did the trick…always does.  I didn’t get a picture.  You guys need to stay on me about more pictures!  Yay, new blog goal…oops coffee again.

So anyway, the Bearded Husband and I took them to school and we got to walk them to class and get them set up.  I felt like I held it together pretty well.  They didn’t care one bit about me.  Ty thinks his teacher is pretty so he is sold 100%.  I would tear up a little, see a friend and get it together, then repeat the process.  I know I said I wasn’t going to cry!  I wouldn’t call it that per say.  More like a holy cow this is happening, kind of reaction.

They are so full of life. I just love these crazy kids!

They are so full of life. I just love these crazy kids!

After drop off, the baby and I, went to meeting number 1.  The awesome girls of Moms Run This Town set up an event at La Madeleine so we could get together and celebrate…or not…the first day of school.  So fun.  Running buddies are the best. Then we headed over to Denny’s in Royse City to have a planning meeting for Run Fest which is a 5k that will be in my town in October.  I am so excited to get to be part of it!

Here’s the thing…I met with Papa Turtle who I’ve mentioned before, my friend Amanda and a Royce City city councilwoman, to plan this race.  Guess what happened?  The minute all of the important documents were spread out on the table, the 2 year old in my lap spills the entire cup of coffee everywhere!!  Yep, all over the papers and the councilwoman’s dress.  Of. Course.  The only person who was not affected was me.  Of. Course.  They were good sports about it, but COME ON!  Get it together Summer!  I’m a child.

Now I sit here blogging all on my own with no interruptions.  Certainly not crying now.  I still have a ton to catch you up on.  I’m super excited lately because I’m going to change my marathon training up a little.  I’ve been doing some reading which has me fired up.  You know I’ll stick with the Paleo business as well.  It’s going to be a GREAT year!  Believe me, you’ll hear all about it!


I’m Back!!


HI GUYS!!  I’M BACK, I’M BACK, I’M BACK!!  I know I warned you my post would be sparse but I didn’t mean for them to be THIS sparse.  Truth is, I have been super busy with the offspring.  However, I have also been without a computer.  

Queue sob story.  See, I had a little nook in the house where I could see the kids and still write.  Turns out they don’t take care of themselves that well.  As a matter of fact one just jumped off of the couch onto the other’s head!  WTH?! Anyway, a couple of months ago my little computer broke.  For me to write I had to go sit upstairs in the office.  Ha!  Alone time?  No.  So, I just complained a lot.  The Bearded Husband came through and bought me a big girl laptop!  He is so cool.  I am now sitting on the couch, blogging away while the kids act like maniacs.  What a life.  For real!  Maybe when they start school I can do the sit on the patio, with coffee and the laptop thing?  Eek!  Grownup stuff!HpandRoan

Speaking of, we are in our last week of summer!!  I’m sure some of you know there are a lot of emotions for a mom sending kids to kindergarten and preschool for the first time.  Yeah, I’m not really a crier.  I’m not sad!  I mean of course I love the little turds but I’m raising them to first, love God and second, to be productive members of society.  Um that will never happen if they sit here under my coattails for the rest of their lives.  Off to school with you to learn something.  I’ll hug them tight before they leave and when they get home.  Unless they didn’t behave, that’s another blog post!  My biggest concern is my “oldest” twin won’t have enough time to finish his lunch.  He’s a bear without it.  Hmmm, I wonder where he gets that from??  Oh, and the whole crying thing, check back with me after I actually drop them off that first day.

So on to the other big portion of my life.  Just because I haven’t been blogging of course I’ve still been running and cross training.  Currently, as you know, I’m signed up for the NOLA full again.  Definitely in training for that.  I also am planning on running the Dallas Running Club Half and The Route 66 Half in Tulsa both in November.  I haven’t signed up for those yet.  I need some money.  Since I JUST got this awesome HP setup I may wait a little while to discuss them with the husband.  Haha!  I guess this will be the test to see if he reads my blog!

Now that you are briefly caught up I’ll go parent for the rest of the day.  No worries, I PROMISE I’m for real back to chatting with you a couple of days a week and bringing you all new recipes!