God nudged me a little this weekend…

SaturdayLargeGroupThis is my crew and I just love them.  Well, a lot of my crew. This picture is missing some.  A few of my good buddies were busy running 21 miles while we acted like this, and then there’s Lisa who is healing from the fracture who is VERY CLOSE to coming back!  I totally jacked this picture off of Facebook.  If I’m going to do this blog thing I need to carry my phone and take pictures.  Really I just rely on Anna Mae to take them, then I steal em.  Thanks Anna!

Anyway, Saturday was a good day for me.  I’ve been in a little slump with running.  Maybe the marathon blues, whatever that is, or most likely this achy leg I’ve been dragging around, but I’ve been fighting myself to stay motivated.  Probably every runner goes through something like that…right?  I thought so.  So, last week I really pulled out the bad attitude which is totally unusual for me!  Tuesday and Thursday we freaking hard and I was growling.  Giving my buddies bad looks and deciding I was taking a “break”.  Yeah right.  So Saturday I went out with an open mind and my IT band strap, we named Patty, for an 8 mile run.  It ended up being a slower pace than normal but a good run with good friends.

beautyviewLook at that view!  You know by now we get up super early and it is worth every single alarm chime to see that beautiful sunrise.  It reminded me that God is in control, and He has given me a lot of gifts through running.  I need to be thankful for everyday I’m able to move my body and be part of something larger than me.  I need to remember to use those gifts to glorify Him.  Not stand outside of RRC growling at my buddies.

Now, can everyone reading this remind me of these words tomorrow morning while I’m doing 1.5 mile hill repeats? 

Ok, so new perspective.  I’m training to break a 2 hour half.  Truthfully, I don’t like running fast.  BUT, I’m going to suck it up and do it.  Truthfully, I’m itching to sign up for another full.  GASP!  Until then, I’m going to keep up with my speedy buddies, and be nice to them.  I’m going to be thankful for the days I get to do what I love to do.

Okay, I laid it all out there.  Now, which full should I set my sights on?  Wink. Wink.