More Camping…Cold and Raining. We are getting used to it.


I mean seriously, I’m starting to think our camping trips are cursed!  There was no rain in the forecast and it rained.  Not the whole weekend thankfully.  But the entire last night and all while we were packing up the next morning.  It’s so fun to bring home wet and muddy camping gear.  Oh well…we are doing it again in May.  Maybe we will have better weather then!

People think we are nuts for going so often, especially in whatever weather.  I also have to say it is a TON of work.  Packing, unpacking, setting up, taking down, everything getting downright filthy…especially me since I chose to not shower.  (It’s cold people!)  However, all of the work is so worth it to watch the kids play all day and have a little freedom.  They ride their bikes, play with other kids, run around and explore, and are able to do it without me on top of them.  It’s usually a good reset for all of us.

This time we also camped with some old friends from college we haven’t seen in a while.  It was really fun to meet all of their kids and reminisce about old times.  Yeah, maybe we have turned into old people sitting around the camp fire reliving the glory days.  But hey, we had fun then and we have fun now.  We are pretty much the best.

discadaateisenhowerI’ve said it before, but as far as my menu was concerned I try not to create special occasions for myself.  Camping is one of those times.  I let my kids eat the worst junk food ever while we are camping and I’m ok with that.  For myself, I try to stay the course.  Of course we made discada the first night.  Seriously, it is one of my favorite foods!  Sooo good.  Our friends also made Mexican corn and roasted brussel sprouts over the open fire.  I mean seriously.  Then the next night was fajitas.  For lunch I took a quinoa salad that I like to make.  It’s not strict Paleo but it works for me and you can eat it cold.  I’ll post the recipe one of these days. 

Now, I have to be honest.  I stole a couple of tortillas and inhaled them like they were running away.  They were calling my name on that delicious discada.  I also had the kids make me a Smore.  Like a for real one.  No weird chocolate substitute or Paleo graham cracker.  A for real Smore.  Yum yum.  You have to live a little right!?  Mimosas made have been involved as well.  The world will never know for sure…

CowboyCoffeeSomething else I just have to mention is my friend made cowboy coffee.  Basically, she heated up water, poured the ground coffee in and let it steep.  Then we just poured it into our cups.  I don’t know why I thought it was so good but it was!  Maybe because it was so cold all weekend!  Either way, next time you’re in a coffee pinch this worked great!

So in other news.  I didn’t run at all while we were camping.  I also skipped track Tuesday because I was so tired.  Man, what a loser!  It’s not like me to go so many days without running.  Especially while camping.  Maybe I need to sign up for another full to get my butt in gear.  What do you think??

Anyway, more recipes coming this week!  I’m working on some side dishes for you.  Have a great Tuesday!