Greatest Day and Let’s Talk About Calories…Fun!

TablecollageLook at this beauty!  My bearded husband MADE this!  I’m so excited!  It’s taken him forever.  He planed, sanded, glued, sawed, sanded and sanded some more to make my dining room table.  He put the finishing touches on it yesterday and we were able to sit at the new table and have steaks last night.  Now my dining room does not look like a skating rink littered with Legos.  So cool!!

LunchPailcroppedAlso, yesterday I was given the “Hardwork” box in the running club.  This was such an honor, especially considering how many hardworking, passionate individuals I run with daily.  It’s basically a symbol that is presented weekly to someone who is putting in the work.  Here’s a little quote from Coach:

“What if you give it your all, do the little things, be positive all times and never doubt yourself, uplift others, be a model for your kids/family, and praise God daily? I can guarantee you that your life will change.”

I mean seriously, yesterday was a great day!!  Now, this weekend I get to pick someone to pass this on to.  The pressure!  I only have about 100 people I could think of that are showing up everyday and putting in the work.  Oh man…

Now, a little late, but as promised I told you I want to talk about calories.  Fun right?!  If you read some of the Paleo books or do a little research into the Paleo world a lot of the smart folks say you do not have to count calories.  The idea is that you eat good food your body needs and your appetite will be satisfied.  That is true for a lot of people.  I, on the other hand, I think I was born with two stomachs or something because I can out eat just about anyone I know.  Add an endurance sport on top of that and it’s a little ridiculous. 

In my PERSONAL opinion, I do a little better with my diet when I’m counting calories (to a certain extent) and watching my macros.  That means I pay attention to carbs, protein, fat and sodium.  From time to time, I log my food on My Fitness Pal for a few weeks to see where I stand.  Truly, I try to stay within a certain calorie range only because it keeps my portions in check.  Boy, do they need some checks.  It’s good for me to see in black and white that an ounce or two of almonds are really great.  A Costco bag of almonds in one sitting is not so great.  Get it?  I would NEVER turn to a “low calorie” processed food to cut calories.  I would however, stuff a few less bananas in my face when I see what they are doing to my carb count for the day.

Man, I got a little serious today!  I told you I’m just trying to answer a few questions that I get from time to time.  Secretly, I’m also intrigued by nutrition.  It’s so complicated but so important. 

Well, I’m headed to Crossfit this afternoon so I need to run to get all of my chores done before I can leave the house.  Then track tomorrow!  Fun stuff!

Do you count calories?

Anyone else have an appetite like me? 

  • John Gillespie

    I always use my fitness pal since it syncs with my GPS watch and counts the calories I burn vs. the calories I take in. Good reading. I like that table.

  • Sarah M

    I need to calorie track. It’s how I lost 40 pounds to begin with. I’ve been lazy with that lately. I do good about every other week! 🙂