Perfect Paleo Meal

perfectpaleodinner1I promise promise I have a handful of “real” recipes I will be posting but I had to let you in on this little gem of a meal.  I did not have any time and hadn’t been to the grocery store so this is what my hubby and I came up with last night.  I mean seriously dude.  This is now on my rotating menu.

Costco has some goodies.

Costco has some goodies.

Here’s what you do.  Saute some sweet potatoes and onions for the base layer.  While those are working heat up this lovely sliced beef I found at Costco.  Have you noticed Costco is an excellent place to buy Paleo stuff?  Anyway, after the meat is heated through throw it on top of the sweet potatoes, top with a perfectly fried egg and homemade avocado mayo.  Remember the Paleomg 30 second mayo?  Mix it with avocado.  Bam!  Perfection!  Carbs, protein, fat…so good. 

Moving on.  This weekend was another busy weekend of marathon training and child rearing.  I did get a special treat Friday night and I got to go out on the town with my bearded husband.  I lovingly call him that because I have to share him on my date night with other men complimenting his beard and then the subsequent conversation with the stranger on the history of the beard.  It’s okay though, he’s hot stuff and I like it when he takes me out. 

My bearded wonderful husband.  I wouldn't trade him or the beard for anything.

My bearded, wonderful husband. Is that an angel or Batman on his shoulder? Hmmm.

I do have a real confession.  I CHEATED.  Dinner was not so bad.  It’s always hard to be perfect in a restaurant but I did the best I could.  I also ended up having three glasses of red wine, which leads me to my confession.  My sweet sister-in-law made cookies at home with my offspring while I was having a night on the town.  When I got home, those beautiful chocolate chip cookies were beckoning me from the counter.  I shoved THREE OF THEM in my face.  Yeah, proud moment.  Guess who also had two thumbs and a fast paced 10 mile run the next morning?  This girl.  When I eat food I’m not supposed to my stomach and skin pays the price, but lets be clear, I do not feel guilty.  I work hard and eat right the majority of the time.  In my opinion, occasional indulgences are part of success.

EpsomSalt1So the next morning, I showed up at 5am dragging from wine and cookies but had an awesome run!  It is not easy to run fast for a long time with crap on my stomach but God is my strength and we got it done.  Best feeling ever.  I came home shivering from this artic, polar vortex, cold blast we Texans believe we are getting and hopped into the Epsom salt bath.  Epsom salt and I are really great friends. 

After warming my bones and putting on non sporty spice clothes I had some things I had to do in town so I was gone most of the day Saturday.  While I was out my dear hubby and boys worked hard to build me a photobox for you!!  I have been working really hard on this blog.  I LOVE developing, cooking and photographing the recipes.  Really, I am getting more and more of them to share. 

Shiny new photobox!

Shiny new photobox!

Now my pictures will be better!  I am so excited!  I’m actually about to rearrange a space in my house to make it easier for me to get more posts out to you.  Good times ahead!  Stick with me folks, I’m learning everyday.

Sunday was rest day which meant, sleeping late, church with my little family and hanging out with my kiddos in the afternoon.  Things are good.  I have another busy week planned and as we speak now I am starting a new dish for you.  Stay tuned! 



  • Kara Burkart

    Mmmmm! Looks delicious!