Paleo Talk Again!

I’m back with more paleo deep thoughts from Summer.  You’re on the edge of your seat right?  Let me just say first of all, I have been down for the last 24 hours with a nasty stomach bug.  I mean nasty.  One of my littles got it, then another one, then me.  Oh man, that is the worst!  I seem to be getting back into the groove now.  In fact, I’ve spent the last couple of hours working on two new recipes for you.  Want a little hint?  It involves fresh roasted cranberries.  Yum.  Next post, next post impatient one.roastedcranberries

So, back on the Paleo thing.  The basis of the Paleo diet… wait, I HATE using the word DIET.  It is not a diet, it is a healthy way of living.  The ways I try to stay healthy are eating the right foods, managing my training, reducing stress, getting enough sleep, and relying on God to have my back.

Okay, okay, today we are talking food.  Back to what I was saying, the basis of the Paleo LIFESTYLE, is to eat the way the cavemen did.  Apparently, they were healthier than us.  However, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, we are not cavemen.  There are so many things working against us!  If they had the choice they would want a Snickers on Halloween too!  All of that “bad” stuff does taste good, sort of. 

Let me explain, when you decide you want to eat strictly Paleo you need to just do it.  I say about 30 days to 6 weeks.  That’s not really the way I did it, but I think it’s probably easier to just bite the bullet.  In that time your body will go through a sugar detox.  I don’t mean you’ll be sitting in the corner drooling and shaking because you need sugar, but I do mean that you will want it really bad.  After a little while though you will notice your kid’s bite size snickers bar is not quite so daunting.  You really will get to a point where you can take it or leave it.  It’s amazing. 

Of course there will be times that you cannot resist.  The cool thing is, when you do give in and have that bite size snickers, it won’t taste exactly the same.  It’ll taste…different.  Not as good as you remember.  Then, the little sucker will make you feel bad!

Now, I find myself craving roasted okra, or a delicious, grass-fed T-bone steak.  Mmm…seriously.SteakandEggsSocks

Enough for today.  I think when I come back, I will talk to you about “cheat” days.  Man, that’s what everybody wants to know.  When are your “cheat” days?  You folks…tiss tiss.