I’m so excited!

Hey guys, this has been the best day!  I have been working on a Paleo Pumpkin Iced Coffee recipe for you and I perfected it this morning!  The thing is though, I was super busy getting kids ready for school and I drank it all before I could get a picture.  So, consider this a teaser.  Poor me, I get to drink another one tomorrow.

Yesterday, I overslept and missed a run where people were expecting me.  Then, for some reason, right at lunch I took all of my littles to Wal-Mart to buy one balloon for a friend’s birthday.  Three kids, one balloon, what was I thinking?  I know, I was thinking that the balloon was a gift and it was an important life lesson.  I’m sure everyone in the store agreed with me. 

Anyway, the fact that I made it to our 4:20am start time this morning was already a plus.  I guess because it was so early or maybe that the weather is cooler we acted like a bunch of 5 year olds all morning.  It was a blast!  We do this interval drill called an Indian run.  I have no idea why it is called that.  Basically after warm up, you get in a line, run, and the last person has to run faster to get to the front and so on.  Sounds easy enough right?  Oh no, it took us way longer to figure10-16 Indian Run it out than it should have.  Especially since we’ve done it before…together. 

If that wasn’t chaos enough, DURING the drill we managed to take a couple of selfies, sing Eye of the Tiger and demonstrate the different sounds a fox makes.  Coach would be so proud.  He says if you can talk you’re not working hard enough.  I’m not arguing one bit and I have to say I felt like I might have an asthma attack during Eye of the Tiger.  Hey, we have to keep it fun right? Sure.

I feel really bad that I don’t have my recipe ready for you so I will hand over this beauty.  It’s not mine but it is one of my favorite paleo breakfast recipes.  I got it from Marks Daily Apple.  If you have not visited that website, please do.  He’s the boss of Paleo and its a great reference.  Anyway, the recipe is a Paleo oatmeal.  It’s eggs, bananas, butter and some spices.  It sounds a little strange but it is delicious.  Trust me!

Give me your thoughts after you try the Oatmeal!