Sprinklers are not just for kids!

Hot Ta-Ma-Lee!!  If you walk outside in the predawn hours and see grown people in workout clothes playing in a sprinkler, please don’t shoot or call the police or anything drastic.  We promise not to mess up your yard.  It is just a real treat to come across a sprinkler when you think you are dying of a heat stroke.  I think I like them more than my children do.

I had a nice little 8 mile training run planned this morning.  It didn’t turn out as nice as I (and we) had hoped.  When I say we, I am referring to a quite large group of people who have no problem with a run start time between 4:15am and 5:00am.  Its astounding, there are so many running vampires out there.  That’s how I refer to us anyway.  We prefer the dark.  Anywho, where was I?  Hot Ta-Ma-Lee!  It was so humid we were melting!  If you are unfamiliar, humidity is our enemy!  That being said, we got it done.  It doesn’t matter where you are in your journey.  There are absolutely going to be days that seem impossible.  Finish it!  That’s where you learn what you are capable of.

Now, when I get home Every. Single. Day. I make the hubster and I two scrambled eggs a piece.  I don’t even like eggs but they are so good for you!


Eat the yolks people, that’s where the nutrients are. Yes, the fat is there but fat is good for you too!  We are just on the tip of the Paleo ice burg. One important note to add is I am a member of a wonderful, organic vegetable co-op.  In the co-op I have access to free range eggs from a local farm.  Believe me when I say you cannot beat them.  And of course every morning I take a really natural picture of myself holding a plain plate of scrambled eggs.

This weekend my little family and I have camping trip planned.  It is probably going to rain all weekend and we will be in a tent, but we love it anyway.  Camping is usually a time when you eat as many smores and oreos as you can fit in your face but not for me.  I’m training, and a weekend can do a lot of damage.   I learned that from the massive migraine I got last time.  So, I will be staying on the Paleo track mostly and taking lots of pictures so you have ideas for your next camping trip.  Most of you tent camp in the rain with a bunch of little kids right??

Anyway, I’ll be back Monday with those exciting stories.


What is your families’ favorite thing to do?

Do you stay on track for vacation or is any sort of “diet” out the window?





  • Sarah M

    I love running through the sprinklers when we run! 🙂