Hello…From the Other Side

Hi guys!  Whatcha been up to?  I’ve been running, and running some more, sleeping probably not enough and redecorating my house.  It’s been fun!  Too much fun obviously since I didn’t get on and share.  I’ve been reminded a lot lately that it’s time.  You guys are too sweet!

Ignore the crying baby. She wanted the sword.

Ignore the crying baby. She wanted the sword.

So, lots of things happening.  Like I said, I went through this pre midlife crisis thing before Christmas and did some redecorating in my house.  I painted a huge center wall in my house lime green and bought the Bearded Husband a sword for Christmas.  They are both awesome!  I also love the crazy looks I get for both of those things.  Totally living on the edge over here.  For real, we spent Christmas Eve in the yard with our family slicing things up with the new sword.  So. Fun.  I really think I’m kind of like Michonne from The Walking Dead.  Don’t worry, I got this.

Let’s see, what else.  The kids are back in school…Hallelujah.

Running alone face.

Running alone face.

Now on to the other part of my life.  We are more than halfway done with the Hanson training plan.  Boy are we doing some running.  Everyday with the running and running and waking up crazy early.  I truly feel like I’m in marathon training.  (Which hasn’t helped this whole blog scene.)  I really need to be AFRAID of Michonne because I am a zombie!  However, I’m confident this race is going to be better than the last.  We are putting a lot of time on our feet.  My body feels it but I also feel stronger.   My foot and hamstring injuries are reduced to nuisances’ that I have to stay on top of, but they are not stopping me.  Even over Thanksgiving and Christmas, when I was out of town, I got my miles in.  I considered that a huge accomplishment. 

One thing I have been sliding on is my nutrition.  When I am home, no worries, easy peasy, I’m a good (mostly) Paleo girl.  Outside of the house. Ha!  What am I thinking!?  Remember how horrible DRC was because my nutrition was not on point?  Well, I must have forgotten.  My stomach didn’t.  Lately it’s been rebelling on me.  All of the training in the world will be completely ruined if I don’t stop this!  So I did. The Bearded Husband and I started the Whole30 Program, along with my local Moms Run This Town chapter.  It’s more strict that what we usually do, but we need to reset.  No dairy, no grain, no sugar.  Black coffee, the whole thing.  I already feel better.  I’m going until race day then maybe I’ll start to introduce dairy again.  We’ll see.

When I started this blog I told you I was going to be honest.  Yes, it’s a Paleo blog but I’m not perfect.  I fall off the wagon like everyone else.  I don’t beat myself up about it or consider myself a failure.  I regroup and get back on.  And hey, New Years is the best time anyway, everything healthy is on sale!

LaceI mean, here’s the food I’m up against at my parents house!  The struggle is real with my sister too.

I’ll be back on more regularly.  I need to tell you about the Route 66 Half Marathon in Tulsa.  It will be the latest race report ever but the race was too sweet not to share it with you.  See ya on the flip side! 

Honey Mustard Roasted Brussels Sprouts

HM BrusselSprouts1We are all grownups here and brussels sprouts have a terrible reputation.  Well, get over it folks.  They are delicious, especially roasted.  While we are on the subject they are super healthy too.  We eat them easily twice a week.  Get them cheap at Costco and roast away!  If you haven’t tried them this way, please do and let me know what you think.

Well, I guess I delivered you guys a real sob story on Monday.  So many of you messaged/texted me to check on how I was doing!  You’re too sweet!  I am great, back to my old self.  Thankyaverymuch.  Seriously, I do appreciate it.  I’m sitting here listening to my Zydeco and happy about being a runner.

Coach Pep Talk

Pep talk. Summer, if this were a zombie attack you would have promptly been eaten.

Coach told me, “We never lose, we win or we learn.”  Yep, I learned.  I learned that racing sucks, oh and so does running.  Okaaaay, just kidding!  I realize now that I needed this race.  I don’t have another “race” until the full and if I didn’t have this one, I’m not sure I would have been prepared totally for the full.  First, like I said before, if I’m going to run distance my diet and cross training have to stay on course.  No excuses.  Secondly, and most importantly, races are HARD.  Running is HARD.  The marathon will be much harder than that half.  I need to work on my mental game.  I need to learn to use the tools we practice when the going gets tough.  Turns out crying and feeling sorry for myself is not a great game plan.  Surprise, surprise. 

Alright, enough about that.  I’m kind of in a mood today.  A goofy one, which is always fun.  I’m sure some little person is going to get out of school and ruin it, but for now it’s been a good morning.  I think I know the source.  My new gym has coffee.  So dumb right?  Well, I got there at 4am, lifted and then ran 5 miles at 5am.  It’s getting colder and there is coffee waiting there for me at the end!  It’s nothing fancy but makes me so happy!  You gotta enjoy the little things guys.

Try my brussels sprouts and have a wonderful weekend!

Honey Mustard Roasted Brussels Sprouts
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  1. 1/8 cup yellow mustard
  2. 1/8 cup honey
  3. 1 tsp apple cider vinegar
  4. sprinkle of salt and pepper
  5. 1/8 tsp cayenne pepper
  6. 2 lbs cleaned and halved brussels sprouts.
  7. 1 tbsp. avocado or olive oil
  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
  2. Combine all ingredients in a bowl except the brussles sprouts and oil.
  3. Cover baking sheet with foil and pile up the brussels sprouts.
  4. Toss brussels sprouts with oil.
  5. Pour remaining ingredients over and combine well.
  6. Then spread out brussels sprouts evenly. Ideally each one should be touching the foil.
  7. Roast for 15 minutes until tender.
  8. Once tender turn heat up to 450 and stir occasionally until they have a dark color.
  9. Enjoy!
Cut The Grain http://cutthegrain.com/

DRC Half Marathon Race Report!

RRC Group Pic

Hi folks!  Boy, I don’t even know where to begin!  My Rockwall Running Club buddies and I ran the DRC Half Marathon and 5k yesterday.  I have so much to say about this.  What a race. 

First, we had some spectacular finishes.  Tons of PR’s, a lot of these speed demons placed in their age groups and a couple even placed overall.  Those who didn’t run, cheered and offered support like crazy.  We didn’t need any bag check, we had little Soky to hold 20 bags.  Bless her.  When RRC shows up to a race we do it BIG!  I love it!  I even heard someone say, “Those Rockwall people are everywhere.”  Yep…

Group Prayer100% of the people in this picture showed up and gave it their all.  No question.  We also give credit to the Lord for the ability to get out of bed every day, do what we do and give Him the glory.  Pretty stinkin awesome.

Prerace, I was a nervous nelly.  I don’t even know why??  This was not my “big” race.  Wait, I know why…I knew I had to run fast and dang that is hard!  I’ve had enough of these races I knew what I was in for.  Also, time change happened Saturday night and I knew we had to catch a shuttle bus to get to the race.  Logistics make me crazy nervous.  I don’t suppose I’ll ever get over that part.  Even through the nervousness I was excited.  My plantar fasciitis in my foot felt good and my training runs had been good.  I was ready.

I planned on breaking the sub 2 by starting around a 9:30 pace, at 2 miles dropping to a 9:00 and at 10 miles, 8:50.  Ha!  THAT didn’t happen.  Oh boy how it didn’t happen.  The first 4 miles were awesome.  Then, it hit.  I don’t know what it was exactly but it was there.  I was dizzy, faint, weak…basically full on belly aching inside of my head.  AT MILE 5!!  What???  Then at mile 10 my plantar fasciitis was screaming at me.  Unfortunately, that is still the case today. 

FinishwithAlishaI fought every step after that.  It wasn’t pretty.  I cried to a poor volunteer at the water station because I couldn’t get my water bottle open to fill it will that precious Gatorade.  I cried every time I saw one of our awesome cheerleaders, when the best support in the whole wide world, Alisha, ran me in at the finish I was crying!!  WHY DO I DO THAT??  Have you ever tried to cry and run?  It’s super easy…not!

Here’s what I did right.  I definitely abandoned some of the coping skills all of our training has taught me, I definitely made it harder on myself, but I definitely didn’t quit.  Yes I finished, and I finished running.  I stopped for a few seconds a couple of times but each time, I regrouped and kept going.  I am not a quitter…WE ARE NOT QUITTERS.  There were a handful of my buddies that had the same kind of race I did.  None of them gave up.  Not one.

DRC ResultsOverall, my goal was 1:59:59 with a 9:07 pace.  I ended up with a 2:09:14 with a 9:52 overall pace.  After struggling for 9 miles I’m not disappointed in that for one second.  I’m proud of that under the conditions.

Now it’s time to regroup and adjust.  I know exactly what I need to do.  Last year at the Dallas Marathon I got a 2:04 and I felt great.  That type of race is what I expected here.  Well in December of last year I was trained for a full, my diet was on point and I was staying on top of cross training.  Guess what?  None of those things are true for me right now.  This race was the kick in the pants I needed.  If I’m going to be a distance runner I need to act like it in the other areas besides just running.

So folks…join me in this little journey to Nola as I get back to my strict Paleo diet (goodness knows that hasn’t been the case lately!) take the cross training more seriously and run my tail off until Feb 28th!  Plus I have about 10 pounds to lose.  PLEASE HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE.  I’m saying it on the internet so I have to do it right??

The good news is, Paleo focused Summer will crank out more recipes…

See ya on the flip side friends!  Oh and thanks Greg MacInnis and Beth Davis for the pictures!


My People


Well, hi peeps!  What’s up?  I have had another busy week.  Good busy, I can’t complain.  I got a fair warning this summer from some other wise mom about the rat race.  I was envisioning tons of free time to hang out on my back porch and blog during blissful school hours and that is just not the case.  I find myself involved in all of these projects.  Secretly, I like it. 

However, Wednesday I was so busy running around all day that I didn’t get a shower until 4pm.  I RAN 6 miles at 4:15am!  Yeah, the folks I’m involved with on these projects appreciated my aroma I’m sure.  Remember that city council woman I spilled coffee on?  I’m pretty sure she thinks I’m homeless.  Geez Summer, can’t you just get dressed like an adult for once? Whatever, ok?

I kind of want to get all sappy on you today, but I will refrain…maybe.  Ya’ll let me just say, if you don’t have “your people” you really need to find them.  This world is a scary place and not always the nicest place.  I know 100% that God has my back.  I also know that a lot of his blessings come from the help of others.  I’m getting all sappy because a lot of great things have happened lately that were the result of my people banding together to overcome a trial.  My eyes have just been opened to how much we love and depend on one another, even with differences.  So let me just say, you know who your people are, I hope, and boy can they piss you off sometimes.  Forgive them, be patient and kind because when you need them, they are there on the front lines ready to fight.  We are meant to work together.  Now, can all of you remind me of this next time I’m angry at one of you??

Ok since I got that off my chest I’m happy to report we are headed on another camping adventure this weekend!  The weather is perfect.  It’s not supposed to rain the whole time like normal!  Well, until we get there, then it will rain I’m sure.  We are going tent camping with my Dad, sister and brother.  I’m so excited!  We are going to do all of the normal stuff and you know I plan on getting that perfect camping run in as well.  I’ll be updating Instagram I’m sure so keep a watch out for pretty scenery pictures.  As usual, I’m armed with good food so I can stay on track.  It’s marathon training time!!  I have lots to share with that as well.  We’ll talk next week!  See ya on the flip side!

Pumpkin Bread Cookies

Pumpkin Bread Cookies2

Okay so I’m a follower.  I jumped on the pumpkin bandwagon.  I’m just like everyone else I guess.  The temperature gets a little cooler and I feel like I need to consume pumpkin.  Well, so what?  You know you want it too!  It’s a thing. 

Anyway, since I can remember, my stepmom, aka The Baker, has always made pumpkin bread for the holidays.  You know, the kind that comes out of the tin coffee cans you can’t buy anymore?  Well, I set out to make a Paleo version.  These are great!  They have a bread like texture mmm, soft and chewy.  I gave them to my kiddos for breakfast and didn’t feel a bit bad about it.  The best part is, they don’t require you to be a trained pastry chef with special ingredients.  It takes a few minutes to mix all of the ingredients in one bowl and 10 minutes to bake.  Done.  That’s my kind of baking.  Let me know what you think!

So remember how I told you I have a wee little foot issue?  Well, I decided to take this weekend off from my long run and kill myself at the gym instead.  My foot is not horrible, but it was making me limp Friday.  I have three kids and a staircase, I ain’t got no time for limping around my house!  Plus, truthfully, I’m super excited about marathon training coming up so I’m trying to keep this injury at bay. 

I went to the gym Saturday morning and did my own rowing workout that was kind of fun.  I rowed as fast as I could for 1000 meters, then rested about 30 seconds, then rowed 900 meters, rested, rowed 800, rested and so on.  Talk about butt on fire!  I had to do squats in between sets to move some the lactic acid out of my butt cheeks.  Fun times!  Then I finished off with back squats, deadlifts, leg press for 1 minute intervals and leg extensions.  I was jello.  We were scheduled to run 10 miles at half pace, so I tried to do a workout that was just as hard.  I think I succeeded.  I’m going to try track out tomorrow.  Prayers I’m almost over this!

Now on to the important stuff.  The Bearded Husband and I are officially The Walking Dead fans!  Oh my gosh!  So intense!  My running buddies Lisa and Shirley kept telling me to try it.  Now I’m getting even less sleep because I’m sitting up too late with my eyes glued on zombies.  Then when it is time to turn it off I catch myself watching my back for any  “walkers” that may be lurking around my dark house!  How are these writers on these TV shows so smart?  Man, they think of all kinds of twist and turns.  I have to say as well, it is really fun to act like a zombie and scare the kids too. 

First the pumpkin, now the zombies, I’m such a follower!  Oh well, what can I say?

Pumpkin Bread Cookies
Yields 12
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Prep Time
10 hr
Cook Time
10 hr
Total Time
20 hr
Prep Time
10 hr
Cook Time
10 hr
Total Time
20 hr
  1. 1 cup almond flour
  2. 1 tbsp. melted butter
  3. 1 egg beaten
  4. 1/4 tsp baking soda
  5. 1/4 tsp salt
  6. 1/4 tsp vanilla
  7. 1/4 cup honey
  8. 1/4 cup pumpkin puree
  9. 1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice
  1. Preheat oven to 350.
  2. Grease a cookie sheet with butter.
  3. Add almond flour to mixing bowl then add melted butter. Stir
  4. Next add the beaten egg. Stir those three ingredients well to avoid lumps.
  5. Add the baking soda, salt and vanilla. Stir well.
  6. Then add honey, pumpkin puree and pumpkin pie spice and stir the entire mixture until well incorporated.
  7. The dough is a little sticky so using a spoon, form cookies into a ball and drop onto the greased cookie sheet. Then flatten the cookies just a little.
  8. Bake at 350 for 10 to 11 minutes, careful not to burn the bottom.
  9. Enjoy!
Cut The Grain http://cutthegrain.com/

Tomorrow is a New Day

My offspring really are cute.

My offspring really are cute.

Happy fall ya’ll.  Yesterday was the first day of fall right?  That’s what I saw on Facebook anyway.  Now if it can just cool off a little it would be great.  I’m so ready for tights and sweatshirts.  Oh and not sweating so bad I stink my car up on the ride home too.

Anywho, I have so much going on!  I just knew when my kids started school I would be lounging around the house during the day doing my “projects” I had listed to get done.  Yeah right.  Everyday is full!  What the heck??  People warned me but you know how it is.  The good news is, I like it.  It’s all good stuff.  I’ve never been great at sitting still anyway…makes me nervous.

I’ll tell you a little about my running life because, as usual, you’re dying to hear I’m sure.  Well, you know how I’ve mentioned we are starting the Hanson Marathon training method?  We still are but we’ve switched our focus a bit.  A few of us signed up for the DRC Half Marathon on Nov 1 with a sub 2 hour goal.  Now, to most of you speedies that’s no big deal.  To me it’s a big deal.  I’m not a fast runner and I’m not that keen on being uncomfortable either.  So, according to Coach we need to put on our big girl panties, put in the work and get it done.  That’s what I intend to do.  Oh dear.

No backing out now!

No backing out now!

Thank goodness for a great chiropractor. Grrr...stupid foot.

Thank goodness for a great chiropractor. Grrr…stupid foot.

One little snag.  I’m dealing with a case of plantar factitious.  Grrr…I don’t know why my body can’t get on board with all of my goals.  It’ll be alright.  I’m trying to be super tough. 

On to my next point, which is what this blog is about, my body is not cooperating because I’ve been eating crap.  Now, before you go giving me a hard time I told you from the beginning I’m not a perfect Paleo girl.  Um, mainly because I live in 2015 and cheese fries are delicious.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  Weekdays I’m usually okay, but weekends…oh lawd.  Come on!  It’s my WHOLE families birthday month!  You may cut me some slack, but unfortunately, my body won’t.  I have to get back on track, not necessarily because of the scale, but because I will FEEL BETTER.

I tell you this because 1) I want to be transparent 2) if you’ve been trying to stick with a healthier way of living and it’s not quite “stuck”, try again.  Tomorrow is always a new day. 

As much as I wish the scale could be a motivator, it just doesn’t always hold up when you are hungry and are faced with a plate of cheese fries or whatever.  However, for me, when I feel great it’s easy to pass up on the junk because I don’t want to ruin it.  Plus, when you are not eating junk you don’t crave it.  I PROMISE.

Of course I’m telling you this knowing good and well I’m going to have scotch eggs and beer at our marathon planning pow wow tonight.  Tomorrow is a new day!  I PROMISE!  If I want to reach my goals it really does start in the kitchen for me.  Let’s do it together!

What is your motivation for sticking with a healthier lifestyle?

Jazzed Up Salisbury Steak


Hi peeps.  I hope I find everyone well on this beautiful day!  I am so loving these cooler temps.  I mean, I totally feel like I’m flying!  Or at least running faster than that ole turtle through peanut better.  You’ve heard that saying right?  Anyway, I have a little recipe for you.  Such comfort food.  You know how I love my cow in the freezer.  Add some feta along with it and delish!  This is one of those recipes that make for a good leftover breakfast too.  Man, dinner for breakfast is really my fav.

Guess what??  I have a brand spanking new goal for my marathon.  I share this goal with a few of my closest running buddies.  Turns out we were beat by OPRAH WINFREY!!  What???  Yeah, she got a 4:29:15. I got a 4:49:41!!  I think in the back of my head I knew that and chose to ignore it.  Oh boys and girls we are NOT ignoring it this time around!!  No no.  I will get a 4:28 if it kills me.  And it might.  At my funeral you can all get up and talk about how I’m sitting at the right hand of Jesus satisfied with my time that is faster than Oprah.

So now with our goal hashtag #fasterthanOprah, my dear friend Lisa has been pouring over our training plan.  Like I said, we are following Coaches plan but we are also intertwining it with the Hanson Marathon Training Method.  I think she just about has it worked out for the next few months.  We are nailing down paces that we need to hit for each run, FOR THE NEXT FEW MONTHS.  We are quite the group of planners.  I like it!  I’m telling you, the marathon is not about the race itself.  It’s about all of the preparation and training that goes into it!  We are not going to wuss out of the hard runs either.  We WILL beat Oprah.  Fun times.

If things aren’t already complicated enough we also are trying for a Sub 2 hour half marathon at DRC.  Speaking of, I need to sign up for that sucker!  Anyway, all summer we have been pretty slow.  Coach has cracked the whip and is making us run faster now.  Of course our first response is he’s a crazy person and we can’t do that.  Well, Tuesday we hit our numbers on the track and today we hit our numbers in our 3×1 mile repeats.  We may growl and moan but we do it.  Secretly while we are complaining about the task at hand, we know that we are not going to accept anything less from one another.  Ya’ll know I love my buddies.

I mean who can't love these faces at 4am??

I mean who can’t love these faces at 4am??

So…on a total non running related topic.  Those exist?  Anyway, The Bearded Husband and I are shopping for RV’s!  I know, I’m such a traitor!  I love my tent and camping but man, won’t a heater be nice??  Plus we can pile in running buddies and haul it to races.  Stay tuned!

Let me know what you think about the steak.

Jazzed Up Salisbury Steak
Grass fed ground beef patty, mixed with veggies and feta, topped with sautéed onions and peppers and cream of mushroom soup.
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  1. 1.5 pounds ground beef
  2. 1/4 cup chopped mushroom
  3. 1 onion
  4. 1 red pepper
  5. 2 cloves of minced garlic
  6. 1/2 jalapeno minced
  7. 2 tbsp. butter
  8. splash of Worcestershire sauce (optional)
  9. 1/4 cup crumbled feta plus more for garnish
  10. cream of mushroom soup from CutTheGrain
  11. (http://cutthegrain.com/2014/12/19/cream-mushroom-soup/)
  12. salt and pepper to taste
  1. Prepare cream of mushroom soup according to directions on CutTheGrain.
  2. Heat butter in large saucepan.
  3. Add 1/4 cup each of diced mushroom, red pepper, onion and garlic cloves along with the diced jalapeno to pan and sauté until onion is translucent.
  4. Cut remainder of the onion and red pepper into strips and sauté separate in a small saucepan for garnish. (Optional but worth it.)
  5. When vegetables have sweated add them to a large bowl with the ground meat, Worcestershire, feta, salt and pepper.
  6. Mix well with hands and form into patties.
  7. Add the formed patties back into the same pan and cook on each side until no longer pink in the middle. If the pan gets dry add more of your choice of fat.
  8. When patties are cook through allow time to rest.
  9. Top with cream of mushroom soup, feta and sautéed peppers and onions.
  10. Enjoy!
Cut The Grain http://cutthegrain.com/

I am fired up! Life is good!


So things are smoothing out some.  The kids are loving kindergarten…me too.  Last week I packed my schedule completely full and honestly I felt a little frazzled.  This week I tried to cool it a little and get some projects done around the house.  By projects I mean cleaning my disgusting bathroom and organizing closets.  I really shouldn’t let them get that dirty.  Anyway, I’m doing other productive stuff too ok!

Back to the fired up business!  The Nola full is REALLY on my mind and I love it!  If you haven’t noticed I’m a fan of marathon training.  The jury is still out on whether I’m a fan of actually running a marathon, but training, yay!  It’s my comfort zone.  I like to get out of bed every morning, ass crack early, and do something that was laid out in a plan for me weeks before.  My buddies help too.  Our new term is “crazy bird.”  As in, “Man there sure are a lot of crazy birds willing to get up and run a billion miles at 4am today.” 

Oh and yeah, 4am is the new 5am for me.  The kids have to get to school super early so my day starts even earlier as well.  I love that I’m surrounded by people who are in the same situation.  No one ever considers not running because they have to be at work/school early, they just run earlier.  Again, Crazy Birds.

Ok I keep getting off track about Nola.  No pun intended…hehe.  I am changing up my plan a little from the last full.  I have to explain.  We have an awesome Coach in the running club that gives us training plans and lots of advice.  Well, I take those plans and shave miles and days off to suite my skill level.  For the last marathon I did 4 run days and 2 Crossfit days a week.  All four run days were hard days. 

Coach Barrett Hopper. He's super fast. Bless him for putting up with us though.

Coach Barrett Hopper. He’s super fast. Bless him for putting up with us though.

Well, a seed was planted in my head by another running buddy on a plan she was following.  It’s running 6 days a week.  It sounded terrible!  The more I thought about it, the more it started to make sense.  I bought the book and the rest is history.

This time around I am still following Coaches plan but I’ve also been reading this Hanson Marathon Training Method book and I’m going to follow it.  They totally match up!  Coach has been telling me the same stuff for two years but it didn’t click in my head until I saw it in print. 

I will be running 6 days a week but FOUR of those days are EASY days.  It’s time on feet.  Turns out, if you don’t go out and kill yourself everyday you have less chance of injury.  Also, your body does all kinds of cool stuff on those easy runs.  Like a part of your heart gets bigger so it can supply more oxygen to your muscles, then your muscles develop more capillaries to take in the extra oxygen.  I mean, that is super hero talk if you ask me!  AND you burn more fat on easy days.  They had me there.  I’ll still cross train 2 days a week because I do better with strength training, but it will be less intense.

The point of the training is to train on tired legs to be more prepared for the END of the race.  Hopefully this is the miracle I need at mile 21…hopefully. 

Another good thing is, since I’m still on Coaches plan, if my buddies don’t want to follow the Hanson Method we will still be together four days a week.  It’s a win/win for sure!  However, I know I have a few buddies that are doing it as well so we will have a really fun training season.  This is not something I could even fathom doing on my own. 

I know Coach is shaking his head since it only has taken me two years to catch on.  Of course, I’m at the beginning of this journey.  I may be shaking my head a few months from now.  We’ll see!

You guys ready for more recipes yet?

Seriously Summer? Get it together! More coffee is NOT the answer.


Oh you KNOW I’m coming on today to chat with you!  Huge day here in this house!  I’m going to start by saying I’ve had an unhealthy amount of coffee.  I feel like there are spark plugs in my brain.  I kind of want to type in all caps.  No, I didn’t stand at my counter crying into copious amounts of coffee cups.  I had two “meetings over coffee” back to back this morning.  I’ll tell you all about them.  One of them involves ruining a bunch of important stuff.

So rewind back to the beginning of my day.  Obviously, unless you’ve been under a giant rock you know today was the first day of school and my little baby boys started kindergarten!  They were thrilled.  I was happy to get some time apart from the little suckers, but man I was nervous!  Not even sure about what.  Just anxious.  Thankfully, I knew a whole group of running buddies that were meeting before 4am to run.  I joined them to run away my jitters.  A good run and a prayer totally did the trick…always does.  I didn’t get a picture.  You guys need to stay on me about more pictures!  Yay, new blog goal…oops coffee again.

So anyway, the Bearded Husband and I took them to school and we got to walk them to class and get them set up.  I felt like I held it together pretty well.  They didn’t care one bit about me.  Ty thinks his teacher is pretty so he is sold 100%.  I would tear up a little, see a friend and get it together, then repeat the process.  I know I said I wasn’t going to cry!  I wouldn’t call it that per say.  More like a holy cow this is happening, kind of reaction.

They are so full of life. I just love these crazy kids!

They are so full of life. I just love these crazy kids!

After drop off, the baby and I, went to meeting number 1.  The awesome girls of Moms Run This Town set up an event at La Madeleine so we could get together and celebrate…or not…the first day of school.  So fun.  Running buddies are the best. Then we headed over to Denny’s in Royse City to have a planning meeting for Run Fest which is a 5k that will be in my town in October.  I am so excited to get to be part of it!

Here’s the thing…I met with Papa Turtle who I’ve mentioned before, my friend Amanda and a Royce City city councilwoman, to plan this race.  Guess what happened?  The minute all of the important documents were spread out on the table, the 2 year old in my lap spills the entire cup of coffee everywhere!!  Yep, all over the papers and the councilwoman’s dress.  Of. Course.  The only person who was not affected was me.  Of. Course.  They were good sports about it, but COME ON!  Get it together Summer!  I’m a child.

Now I sit here blogging all on my own with no interruptions.  Certainly not crying now.  I still have a ton to catch you up on.  I’m super excited lately because I’m going to change my marathon training up a little.  I’ve been doing some reading which has me fired up.  You know I’ll stick with the Paleo business as well.  It’s going to be a GREAT year!  Believe me, you’ll hear all about it!


I’m Back!!


HI GUYS!!  I’M BACK, I’M BACK, I’M BACK!!  I know I warned you my post would be sparse but I didn’t mean for them to be THIS sparse.  Truth is, I have been super busy with the offspring.  However, I have also been without a computer.  

Queue sob story.  See, I had a little nook in the house where I could see the kids and still write.  Turns out they don’t take care of themselves that well.  As a matter of fact one just jumped off of the couch onto the other’s head!  WTH?! Anyway, a couple of months ago my little computer broke.  For me to write I had to go sit upstairs in the office.  Ha!  Alone time?  No.  So, I just complained a lot.  The Bearded Husband came through and bought me a big girl laptop!  He is so cool.  I am now sitting on the couch, blogging away while the kids act like maniacs.  What a life.  For real!  Maybe when they start school I can do the sit on the patio, with coffee and the laptop thing?  Eek!  Grownup stuff!HpandRoan

Speaking of, we are in our last week of summer!!  I’m sure some of you know there are a lot of emotions for a mom sending kids to kindergarten and preschool for the first time.  Yeah, I’m not really a crier.  I’m not sad!  I mean of course I love the little turds but I’m raising them to first, love God and second, to be productive members of society.  Um that will never happen if they sit here under my coattails for the rest of their lives.  Off to school with you to learn something.  I’ll hug them tight before they leave and when they get home.  Unless they didn’t behave, that’s another blog post!  My biggest concern is my “oldest” twin won’t have enough time to finish his lunch.  He’s a bear without it.  Hmmm, I wonder where he gets that from??  Oh, and the whole crying thing, check back with me after I actually drop them off that first day.

So on to the other big portion of my life.  Just because I haven’t been blogging of course I’ve still been running and cross training.  Currently, as you know, I’m signed up for the NOLA full again.  Definitely in training for that.  I also am planning on running the Dallas Running Club Half and The Route 66 Half in Tulsa both in November.  I haven’t signed up for those yet.  I need some money.  Since I JUST got this awesome HP setup I may wait a little while to discuss them with the husband.  Haha!  I guess this will be the test to see if he reads my blog!

Now that you are briefly caught up I’ll go parent for the rest of the day.  No worries, I PROMISE I’m for real back to chatting with you a couple of days a week and bringing you all new recipes!